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2012/11/2 14:52:05
Avengers ziggy72 wrote:
Hi PengyChat, you'll find some of them already done here :

And you could paint up the rest by following this tutorial here :

Hope that helps.

Wow, thanks ziggy!
2012/10/30 19:42:33
HELP! I need somebody... Marco_D wrote:

Before I help you getting this sorted I need a few more details.
- Can you please tell us which version are you trying to install?

I'm trying to download the regular Muvizu 32 Bit
2012/10/30 13:47:14
Problem update texture ... Freeman wrote:
Hi Jamie...
I thank you for the answer
but i did not know that waiting 24 hours
I'm glad you like my texture Spider-Man but it is not perfect
There are some inaccuracies ,i hope the next texture is better

Its amazing! do you think you could make Iron Man or the Hulk?
2012/10/30 13:38:13
HELP! I need somebody... urbanlamb wrote:
posting your system information for your pc the disk space one sounds odd. So for someone who might be able to help if you post your system information then maybe they can tell you what is wrong a bit.

How do you do that?
2012/10/29 23:40:09
Avengers Hi, I'm pengychat30. Can someone help me? I'm starting out with Muvizu and I'm making a short clip starring The Avengers, and I dont know how to make them. Here are the characters I need, and please leave Examples in the comments:
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • The Hulk
  • Thor
  • Hawkeye
  • Black Widow
  • Ant-Man
  • The Wasp
  • Loki
  • Thanos (the purple guy at the end of the movie that came out, if you've seen it)
  • and The Vision

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2012/10/29 23:25:24
HELP! I need somebody... I am having lots of trouble trying to use Muvizu. First thing, I got an error message thatt says its not working, So i tried all the things, but it didnt work. For some reason, it worked. So, i clicked on Muvizu and it said I needed to free disk space Duhh . So i did. Didnt work. All of a sudden it worked. Whaaaaa? . So i tried using it again. And guess what? I got an error message saying "Muvizu Has Stopped Working" or "Launcher has Stopped Working". rant , Wow. Muvizu Must NOT wantt me to use it.
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