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2021/9/24 15:08:45
Post keep getting taken down ?? Why does my "Pfft You Were Gone" post keep getting removed? It has no profanity, advertising, politics etc in it. It has no Youtube strikes or complaints there. Just wondering.
2021/8/20 10:41:39
Tina's Tips SE - Green Screens Made in Muvizu Green Screen Effects
2021/8/17 11:04:01
Tina's Tips Episode 3
2021/8/12 15:41:54
Please be safe, vaccinate
2021/8/10 5:13:39
Tina"s Tips Ep.2 Making Ghosts in Muvizu
2021/8/6 8:46:38
ONLAP-Whisper in My Head

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edited by timh1975 on 2021/8/6
2021/7/31 2:04:20
Lower poly/face counts on 3d model, Quick and Easy
2021/7/25 20:44:55
My top 3 FREE video editors

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2021/7/17 23:40:18
Text to speech

Hello everyone! For all you content creators out there, I stumbled upon ttsmp3. This online service is great, easy to navigate, lots of voices, lots of languages.

Pros: fully featured, lots of realistic voices.
Free to start 3000 characters per day.
No subscription required.
Can get a 24 hr/ 1,000,000 character bump up for $5 USD or 4.24 euro

Cons: After 3000 characters, have to wait 24 hours or pay $5 USD or
4.24 euro

For me, I'd probably use the free part most of the time, but If I need a bunch of voices fast, get the 24hr deal and pull an all nighter.
2021/7/17 7:03:38
Walls Work?
2021/7/13 13:28:41
My Generation _ ONLAP featuring #Discreepencieestv If you like these videos, please leave a like or subscribe on youtube. Hope you like it, and thanks for watching.
2021/7/4 18:31:32
Happy 4th of July!
2021/7/2 16:32:44
Soul Desire - From the Flames My latest music video. Soul Desire - From the Flames.
2021/6/25 11:25:42
The Looney-Zu Country Crew
2021/6/20 17:53:23
Happy Fathers Day
2021/6/15 9:30:04
Highway Saints - In this Moment
2021/5/25 7:24:22
Talking With Aliens Another cool video. Good work!
2021/4/20 11:11:07
How to make a character walk on space You could try this. Put your character on a separate layer. Record your motion with your background by moving or panning your camera where you want to have your character appear. Render your video minus the character layer. Place a backdrop "green screen" behind your character and record the same amount of time with your camera focused only on your character and green screen. Make sure your green screen and character are on the same layer. Render video again but only the character's layer. Go to your video editor of choice, import both videos in making sure your character layer is on top. Edit out the green color. Process is different depending on editor. Record your video.
The moving background will give the effect of motion. Your space scene would be perfect for this as the motions of floating in space vary.
Hope this helps.
2021/4/12 11:34:28
Newbie Welcome Bobby
2021/3/24 13:49:36
The Finally Revealed Beginnings Of Ablazing Man! Love it. Funny stuff!
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