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2021/12/6 11:02:09
New western town set Hey I just opened up a new store, and I uploaded my new town that I used for the remake of finger Pistols!

check it out here!

or the whole Store here!

I will be updating the store regularly with new sets and Assets, so check the store regularly!
2021/11/28 23:27:40
Nothin' Doin' That's a good question, I like this, short and straight to the point..lol, keep up the good work!
2021/11/28 23:23:32
My Muvizu creation about a relationship breakdown very nice video, I enjoyed that!
2021/11/15 13:07:59
Redesigning my website
2021/10/30 10:42:29
Finger Pistols Remake Final Trailer!
2021/10/23 23:14:32
Finger Pistols Remake Final Trailer!
2021/8/14 22:49:32
Cowboy's gunbelt Hey everyone DigiFactor here, I would like to tell about my new Cowboy's Gunbelt, it's an attachment that will go right on the characters waist once you import it to the character, it comes with two belts, one with guns and one without, and a gun to place in your characters hands, everything is preset and you shouldn't have to make any adjustments, just import the attachment, you can get it on my gumroad account for only $1, plus it has a tutorial to watch right from the gumroad page that will show you how to make your characters draw the guns!

here is the link!


Enjoy and have a Bless day!
2021/8/10 23:01:53
The Remake of Finger Pistols are Dangerous Trailer Trailer #1 to the Remake of Finger Pistols are Dangerous: The Gunless Slinger!

2021/7/16 0:33:16
Animating with Muvizu
2021/6/22 6:57:44
New Set!

Get it here!

2021/5/26 2:01:23
Animating with Muvizu
2021/5/23 13:45:09
Muvizu tutor wanted! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClPFBLmEQMeYyIFk0qV-aig
2021/5/19 22:54:27
DigiFactor update
2021/4/29 22:36:23
New Character coming soon! BobbyCampbell95 wrote:
That is interesting! Is it came out?

Here's the Link!

2021/4/24 23:06:28
How to make a Helicopter with animated Propeller BobbyCampbell95 wrote:
Did you try it yourself? i was making it but it didn't work

When you made your propeller, did you export the animation as png files segments?

Also you may need to edit the DefaultGame.ini in order to have transparent video textures in Muvizu!

Here's how to do that!

go into your C Drive, and then to Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config\DefaultGame.ini (or Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config\DefaultGame.ini for the 32-bit version on a 64-bit OS). Set bStripVideoAlpha to false. Restart Muvizu. If Windows will not let you edit the file (with an "access denied" message because it is in Program Files) then just copy it and paste it in notes, edit it there and then copy it back on top of the original file, just override it to replace it, and then restart Muvizu
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2021/3/27 2:26:51
Animating with Muvizu
2021/3/27 1:40:42
Animating with Muvizu
2021/3/27 1:38:40
Animating with Muvizu
2021/2/8 12:24:41
New Saloon set now on my Gumroad site

My Gumroad
2021/1/15 13:33:11
A new Trailer for a future video Just practicing ship fleet animation for my up coming project, Space Wars!

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