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2020/6/4 23:13:27
AUDIO - UNKNOWN FORMAT....no it's not??? Have you tried putting the computer to an earlier point in time when everything was working fine?
2020/5/29 6:57:51
Will not accept my upgrade code Try restarting your computer, and then start muvizu as Administrator.
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2020/5/28 21:57:55
Sonic and Tails now available for muvizu!

Go to the link to grab a copy!


or just check out my gumroad site!

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2020/5/19 23:50:10
Star Wars Kevin Eddy Episode 3 Update

Hello everyone, here are a few updates on Episode 3 of Star Wars Kevin Eddy, I created more sets like Jabba's Throne Room, and the Ewok Village along with a few more sets, plus I added a few more characters and two surprise characters, but my most challenging set is the speeder bike chase!

This scene takes a lot of green screening layers and model positioning to get the look of flying through the forest chasing the troopers to get Kevin and the rum back, but for the green screening I'm using 3D layers in Hitfilm Pro to give it a more depth look between characters as well as some of the trees that are actually 3D models imported into Hitfilm Pro, Hitfilm and Muvizu make really good companions for film making and I highly recommend using Hitfilm for the use with Muvizu, anyways this scene took a lot of test shooting in order for me to understand how I should work everything in the scene.

Episode 3 will be the last and the best episode, and may be a bit longer then episode 1, and 2, that's because a lot of Key-framing will be involved in order to make Rancor,droids, At-St's, ships, asteroids , and many more to be animated in episode 3, most of all it will help me bring Jabba the Hut, sy snoodle, Max rebo, and droopy mccool into this episode!

Right now I'm Half way into production and hope to have the episode done by fall, I will update this page when I get closer to the finish of this Production!

So don't forget to subscribe to the DigiFactor Channel for when the Episode is released https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClPFBLmEQMeYyIFk0qV-aig?view_as=subscriber

Thanks for your time.


famous poems about beauty
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2020/5/19 22:30:50
problemes de sincro labial Not sure what you mean, can you give a little bit more detail?
2020/5/19 22:27:29
Character positioning Hi Pete, hmm... I'm not sure what the problem could be, most of the time when moving characters around on a set is mostly caused by
collision with objects, if you have a lot of objects on your set you may want to uncheck the could be stood on in the object's edit panel by right clicking the object and click edit, go to physics and uncheck could be stood on, do this for every object that the character does not suppose to walk or stand on, then go back and try moving you'r character around.
2020/4/23 12:49:21
Asset Forge, easy modeling app Hi everyone, we all know that we would loved to use assets that we created, and I know a lot of you don't know how to model, well as a member of staff I feel that I should help find ways to make every ones animation lives easier, so I set out on a quest to find the easiest tools possible to help with modeling and I have found one that is very easy, it's called Asset Forge, a modeling software that allows you to model without knowing how, just watch the video and learn what it's about, you will find the link to the software on my youtube channel!

2020/4/21 0:12:46
Guy drinking Well there isn't any action any action on drinking for the characters, you would have to use custom parts and animate them to simulate a character drinking using key-frame, here is a link to one of my videos, if you watch it you will see a few scenes with the characters drinking!

2020/4/11 0:01:22
Selling my assets Ok anyone who is looking to buy my assets from my website, sorry for the inconvenience, but my website didn't make enough funds to continue the service, I had it fixed to where the service would be auto paid from my paypal account,I'm not able to pay from pocket due to my bills that I pay every month, so with that said I created an account with Gumroad to sell my assets.

Right now I only have one asset uploaded to the service for a test run to see if this is what I want to do until I get my site back up, and that is Predator Young Blood, the update to my Predator Character, the link down below should take you to the purchase page, the character is only $2, so if like a copy please give the link a try to help me test this, Hopefully this will help me make enough funds to reopen my site!

Predator Young Blood ($2)


here is the link to the page as well!


if you don't get the download just contact me with a picture of the purchase at digifactor50@gmail.com and I will send you the download.

Thank you and yaw have a Bless Day!

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2020/4/9 22:26:09
No Import Option? BigWhirl2012 wrote:
I recently came back to Muvizu after a long period away because the software would no longer work for me. I did another uninstall and reinstall last week and inexplicably started working again! So my question is... what happened to the import button for importing assets? I thought perhaps I simply forgot how to import and re-watched the tutorial video on it. But I have no import button to import from 3D modeling sites. Any ideas what's happening? Has the process changed while I've been away? As always, any help is greatly appreciated!

Ok did you click create? it should have an Import button at the bottom of the dropdown list
2020/4/3 13:36:37
Automate Lighting? drewi wrote:
Think it would be possible with key framing add on.

Drew I is correct, you can use the key frame to trigger the lights at different points of the timeline by animating the lights properties!
2020/3/30 11:55:39
Custom Texture tsbrazile wrote:
I try to import a custom texture, but every time I press the button to import, it locks up and I have to close Muvizu and reopen. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Using Windows 10, 64-bit Play+
i7-7700HQ CPU @2.80GHz
16 GB RAM available
GeForce GTX 1070

If you are importing Ase or Obj format make your that your files and textures are all in the same folder that your importing from, also make sure that your texture files are not tiff or DDs format because Muvizu doesn't support those formats, only tga, png, and jpegs!
2020/3/29 22:54:34
2020/3/29 22:45:57
Asset Uploading Yea you'r able to upload assets now, I made a few new uploads last month and they was approved, I think right now meshmellow is going through a lot and hasn't have time to approve anymore yet, I'm still waiting for few more of mine to be approved.
2020/3/25 2:36:19
Ewoks My new Ewok characters that will be in my next Star Wars Kevin Eddy Episode!

I'm in the process of making more!
2020/3/21 9:04:54
the 2nd trailer for my Star Wars Kevin Eddy Eps 3
2020/3/19 10:50:08
Pac Man Madness DoublePrimePictures wrote:
It's a fantastic video. Sub, Like and comment on your channel.
I'm Marvin Lee on Youtube.

Thanks for that friend, glad you liked it, don’t forget to check out my other videos!
2020/3/14 1:00:07
Long time no see... MagneticIntrusion wrote:
Nice to come here after so long and see things are still chugging along. I was forced to be immobile for a while and had some time to muck around with a video. Im getting better with everything, but the lip syncing. On this one, I tried to actually talk the lyrics on a separate track, with not much better response. I will keep trying though...

Welcome back MagneticIntrusion, the video was really good! when ever I have problems with lip sync I always fixed that in a video editor just by unlinking the audio from the video and just move it back and forth until it seems better then what it was, anyways welcome back!
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2020/3/13 11:37:06
Effects for charachters The only way to create custom effects is to use a video editor, I use Hitfilm for all of my effects!
2020/3/10 8:35:04
W2 error message activate every time load software spygenius wrote:
Every time I have gone into the software and tried to animate an object to ‘key framed’, I have had to activate the account again.

Now I am getting the W2 error message, which is preventing me from animating any objects or characters that are key framed.

My emails to you are bouncing back.

My username is Spygenius.

Start muvizu as administrator and see if that fixes the problem and see if it still gives the W2 error!
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