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2020/1/5 6:29:12
ZuTrek Sci Fi Set Coming Soon!

Boldy go where Muvizu as never gone before! This new upcoming Sci Fi set is the inside of an Enigineering room for those Trekies to make there own muvizu style Trek Video, this stunning set cotains Neon effects to create that Sci Fi feel with hand drawn holographic control panels and engine core, A new Sci Fi Adventure awaits!

​ Coming Soon from DigiFactor!
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2020/1/4 23:35:04
how to disable vr pack siliconbee wrote:
i am enclosing the image file and kindly tell me to get it in to normal mode

Try right clicking on the character and go to it's edit tab and then click on the body tab, in the properties the firts thing you should see is the Visible checkbox, if it's unchecked then the character will be invisible, so click to check it to make the character visible again!

Hope this helps!

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2020/1/2 13:19:20
New sets! trent-ozon wrote:
Also i was talking to someone at muvizu they said this year there will be an update

Yes they are working on an update!
2020/1/2 12:52:57
New sets! trent-ozon wrote:
can you make a space set like a ship with star field with planets something like this video but better quality with the planets moving making it look like your fly in space i will buy it from you the work you did with the star wars characters wow they look great and clean.
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Yea I have done this with several star wars videos already, I'll see what Can throw together, but it will be a little while as I'm working on new set right now, I'll posted it when it's ready!
2020/1/2 9:18:23
New sets! dltanner99 wrote:
Brilliant work as always, and I am following the Star Wars saga of Kevin Eddy!

Thanks for being a Fan, I’ll be starting production of Episode 3 of Kevin Eddy in two weeks and it will be the last episode, then I’ll be working on and all Keyfame animation of E.T!
2020/1/2 1:38:09
New sets! Happy New Years Muvizuers! today I added two new Star Wars sets to the Digi Store, and another neighborhood set as well, so yaw head on over and check them out!

2019/12/31 13:27:29
My newest Muvizu set nanalarousse wrote:
Very well. I have seen your website. When I will have a licensed Muvizu, I will buy your pack.

Very good job !

Nana Larousse

Thanks nanalarousse, if you have any problems with my site just let me know!
2019/12/27 0:10:21
My newest Muvizu set I just released my newest muvizu set in my store Tavern Stage!

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2019/12/20 1:08:35
New Characters and Sets Hey everyone, I just upadted my site store with new Characters and sets, so yaw head on over to DigiFactor!
2019/12/18 12:34:24
Added more set to my sight Here is the new site! https://www.digifactor.cf/
2019/12/7 23:23:07
Idea Trailer Not really sure if I'll make this or not, just an idea that was brought up while talking about fravorite movies with a friend, but this gave me a chance to experiment !

give me your thoughts!

2019/12/6 22:14:47
To Meshmellow Ok the not secure is gone, but for some other reason we are still not able to upload any videos, does anyone else still have this problem?
2019/12/5 1:33:01
This what you can do with Key Framing! Hey Everyone I know you have already seen this in my clayster post, but this shows you what you can accomplish with the Key Framing Expansion Pack!

plus later on I will show you how easy it is to animated yoda in another tutorial, but as a tip to everyone if you want more animation capabilities with muvizu then click on the link below and grab a copy of the Key-Framing Expansion Pack!

2019/11/23 13:51:34

Website: https://digifactor-animation.my.cam/#
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClPFBLmEQMeYyIFk0qV-aig?view_as=subscriber
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