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2014/1/3 4:08:22
happy happy..... thank you
2014/1/1 23:29:41
dwemer / darkbrotherhood sample and before you ask, "yes" everything on the video is 100% muvizu. nothing was imported or added to muvizu. and the armor was made using muvizu skins like is shown in the training videos.
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2014/1/1 21:44:18
dwemer / darkbrotherhood sample i tried loading this thru muvizu but it said muvizu could not connect with my utube account at this time
i tried it numerious times but failed each time. so i just took it to utube.
this is just a sample of something im trying and hopeing it works out.
please let me know what you think of the dwemer light and the darkbrotherhood armor.
2013/12/14 15:52:26
how can i upload my video into the gallery????? if you allready loaded it to you tube, then you cannot upload it to muvizu. if you want to load it to muvizu gallery then you have to delete it from youtube and then come here and start from the begining, and load it 1st to muvizu. once you do that it will automaticly be loaded to your youtube page as well. but the key to having your video in the muvizu gallery is to 1st load it to muvizu.
2013/12/11 22:56:02
My first effort Very nice! well done for 1st video. far beyond what expected for a 1st time
loved it
2013/12/8 20:07:09
steve chapter 1 click link below to view "steve chapter 1"

i dont know if allowed to post this here cause, it is kinda adult content but not really cause no nudity or swearing but it does have adult nature in story line.
i hope is allowed to post it here cause worked hard on it and wanted get some feedback on how i did with the video.

hope u guys like it and that its allowed to be posted here, please let me know if was made good or not. all info helps
2012/12/9 1:02:05
hope this makes you laugh just incase some one wants to know heres what this video is about
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! you might laugh but this demonstration is the complete and UN-Deniable Manual Teaching and Training of the exact process needed to remove And then install complex computer Hardware!
For more complex Training Consult my other videos on my channel.
this video is intended to make you laugh .. if only 1 person laughs then i won.

all swearing was removed from the video before posting video here
Merry Christmas!
hope you laughed
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2012/12/9 0:32:27
hope this makes you laugh

i hope you laugh from this
Merry Christmas
Turn UP volume for best quality
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2012/12/3 6:14:10
Sappy Christmas Videos and the like WOW ... that was really nice work ..hahaha .. also gave me the christmas spirit watching and hearing the music. Well Done! Wiggle
2012/12/2 17:44:57
the WEFT of time InsaneHamster wrote:
My curiousity is peaked here I must say. Is this based off a game or something?

i am making a video series and this is chapter 1 ... i am well pleased that this envoked your curiousity ... chapter 2 will be more clear in answering your questions i assure you.
i hope you enjoyed this video.
2012/12/2 16:59:18
the WEFT of time chapter 1

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