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2013/6/19 7:31:45
Character leaning on object and pushing it Hello

How can I make character to lean on an object such as wall and in the same time for example look at his palms or take a phone call etc.
And in addition how can I make a character pushing an object (box, car, etc.)?

thank you

best regards
2012/12/18 13:42:48
connection muvizu with kinect Hello

My suggestion

To animate character's movement gestures etc. connecting Muvizu with Microsoft xBox kinect would be a fantastic solution.

Probably you have thought of that but it is hard to connect but still, if possible, why not?

best regards
2012/12/12 13:59:07
day night change Hello

How do a do a day night change?

thank you
2012/12/12 13:27:56
basic newbe questions Hello

thank you for answering

alothough I am still having problems with dialog and mouth movement.

This is the scene:
1 Person A
2 Person B
3 Person A

When I go to direct dialog and set talk for 3 then 1 gets lost. If I direct for 1 the 3rd gets lost

I am kind of confused and don't know what to do
2012/12/12 8:17:30
basic newbe questions Hello

I am new with Muvizu and I have a couple of questions.

First: How do I preview a video. Not to create a movie and see it cos it takes a lot of time but as preview with the cameras in order as i choose it?

Second: I have a problem with speach. I have 3 records one after another. When I direct the character only moves mouth on last one, or first one not on all three

third: How do I go to new scene? For example intro, then first set then to second,...

fourth: How can a character goes trough door, opens and closes them

thank you for answering

Best regards
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