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2012/12/25 16:04:24
Silence! Thanks a lot - it was even simpler than that, I'm ashamed to say!
2012/12/19 14:00:31
Silence! This is not only a Muvizu problem, but it started soon after installation and I don't who else to ask.
My Win7 64 AMD setup has stopped playing sound on Internet videos - such as your tutorials - I am getting sound in all other apps that I've checked. The on-line player displays a cross by the speaker icon bottom left and no amount of clicking, looking through options etc. will make it go away. This happens in both Firefox and IE. I suspected a problem with Flash Player and downloaded the newest version, but no change...

I really want to watch your tutorial videos before I start teaching pupils how to use this in the New Year!

Hope you can help
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