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2012/12/28 22:20:13
urgent help asap NSIS problem hi there i downloaded the software directly from the site. the 32bit version. and when i tried to install i get the NSIS report. I use IDM downloader and mozila.

the file size shows 451 MB (473,006,101 bytes) / on disk 451 MB (473,010,176 bytes)

i needed 24hr+ to dwnload this file. as i have a 10-20kb DL speed net line, so please recheck the installer and let me know how to solve it asap, cause i want to submit a short film before 31st dec 2012.

thank you for your supports and hardworking.

i tried google this problem and get a old topic on this - tho did find any proper fix here.
and tried to download from this location -
and it come up with a 827.526mb download .....
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