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2016/5/13 17:07:06
Muvizu not working after latest Windows 10 update? Thanks Bigwally, but I've spent hours on microsoft's site downloading sdk's ect and getting the frigging Bing Bar installed all to no avail! Here is some advise from a pro site ref DX9 -

'The DirectX built in to Windows 10 is compatible with DirectX 9, 10 and 11.
So you shouldn't try to install an older DirectX version manually at all. You can really screw up your Windows installation that way.
Unfortunately there are a lot of programs (mainly old games) that try to install DirectX by themselves or test for the presence of a certain DirectX version in an incorrect way, which causes them to miss that DirectX is already present.
There is really no good solution to that.
If the installer of the old program is braindead you can't really cure that.
Sometimes it helps to run the installer in "compatibility mode" for XP-SP3.
In some other cases you can force the installer to continue anyway and the game will just work despite the errors during the installation.
And sometimes you are just out of luck.'
You may have to experiment a little to see what works best in your particular case.' -

The fact is, I shouldn't be having to do this, and to be honest, I've wasted enough time on this problem. It's a pity because I think Muvizu has great potential, It's the only true 3D cartoon program on the market that I can find. If the characters were a bit more attractive it would be very popular internationally. Thanks again for trying.
2016/5/13 15:43:22
Muvizu not working after latest Windows 10 update? Has anyone come up with a solution to this Windows 10 problem yet? I'm on the verge of abandoning Muvizu for other software because of I can not instal it on win 10, the DirectX installer fails every time and then when I try to run Muvizu I get 'unable to load Muvizu.dll'.

It seems windows 10 installs Direct X 12 which they claim is backwards compatable (it's not!), but Muvizu only uses 9 or 11. Win 10 will not allow DX 9/11 to be installed.

I've been on to support who were very helpful and I have updated every driver ect and tried evey work around, I have actually just completed a re-instal, but all to no avail.

So until Muvizu is compatble with Win 10 it is unfortunately of no use to me. Any help would be appreciated.

NB. I have three machines all running windows 10 and all have the same problem.
2015/10/20 23:59:10
Fatal Error on bootup - Solution The latest update of Muvizu caused my Muvizu to crash on bootup. I searched the Wikki and found some answers but nothing worked, I then contacted support and Jamie helped me find the solution. I use three computers, all windows 10, two have NVIDIA Quadro K620 and the other is a Lenovo notepad wit a HD Graphics 4000.

The problem seems to be related to DirectX, and there is two solutions offered. I tried both solutions seperately but niether worked. Then I used them combined and they worked on my notepad and on my i5 PC. I'm still working on the other i7 PC.

Here are the instructions I followed from the wiki and from Jamie.

Wiki Solution
Troubleshooting - Fatal Error Running Muvizu:Play

If you have experienced a fatal error when running Muvizu:Play, try the following steps:

Open C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\MuvizuGame\Config
Open the file "DefaultEngine.ini"
Use the find option in notepad (CTRL-F) and find "AllowD3D11="
Change True to False

Jamie's Solution

1. Open Properties of the shortcut to Muvizu (either on your desktop or start menu)
2. In the target field, it should say (depending on where you have installed Muvizu to): "C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64\Muvizu.exe"
3. Add -dx9 to the end, so it reads "C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64\Muvizu.exe" -dx9
4. Apply the change, and try to run Muvizu
2015/4/24 18:13:30
File not found Hey Monk. I'm sure you have sorted this problem by now, but I'll post my solution for others to read. Well basically it seems to be an ASE/FBX importer related bug in the latest Muvizu release. All I did was use the free version of Revo Uninstaller to take out Muvizu, then run CCleaner to clean out the registry, re-installed Muvizu and all was fine in the world again.

Don't know why it done this, but it happened after I started importing some ASE and FBX files, then I suddenly get the error you describe below. I used the old Sketchup 8, Blender latest 64 bit, and the latest Sketchup 64 bit. I have an i7 windows 8.1 machine with 16gig RAM if that helps.
2013/9/21 16:50:50
How to make a crowd Thanks Dylly, I did post a reply some time ago but it didn't appear! Your idea would normally work, but I already have a lengthy set with cameras flying around and lights flashing etc so anything not 3D will not work. I'm working on a technique at the moment that involves making several sets with crowds of about 20 animated characters with the cameras from the main set and rendering them with matte. So far it seems to be working, I'll let you know if it does work in the final render.
2013/9/20 18:51:32
How to make a crowd Thanx Urban (may I call you Urban?). As always you provide the best answer, but I have looked at the solution you suggest and it's no good for my needs. I think the solution would be in the coding, but that would be breaching Copyright.... Correct?

Another solution is to delete everything from the master set except cameras, lighting and environment and place characters in individually against a green screen, a lot of work, prone to errors and would mean having to remove the logo which is a no no!

There is one more solution I came up with but have not tested, A large bottle of whiskey and settle down for a lot of repetitive work. (Not too bad a solution).
2013/9/20 17:36:50
How to make a crowd I need a crowd of about 50 characters and I don't want to animate each one individually. Is there any way to copy and past and retain animation?
2013/5/2 5:42:00
Vimeo Option for uploading videos Lev_Dynamite wrote:
tonyf69 wrote:
How can I put this suggestion to the Muvizu Team, anybody know?
You already have. I've forwarded your idea to the web team and they'll see what they can do about adding Vimeo videos to Profiles ............!

Thanx Lev
2013/5/1 17:12:44
Vimeo Option for uploading videos How can I put this suggestion to the Muvizu Team, anybody know?
2013/5/1 14:49:00
Vimeo Option for uploading videos Any music used on my videos are released under a Creative Commons license, but copyright infringement is claimed on every video I publish on YouTube. The reason for this is that, both YouTube and the company claiming copyright ownership make money from falsely claiming ownership. But that's another subject.

I have over one hundred videos on my Vimeo account and have never had a problem. Vimeo is professionally run, mature, and leans more toward artistic work rather than videos of peoples dogs and cats etc.

My point is, that I would like to see the option to be able to upload Muvizu videos to Vimeo as well as YouTube via the Muvizu website.

I want to close my account with YouTube, but then I won't be able to profile my videos
2013/4/10 12:20:38
Watermark: new terms of use A better solution is have a pro version for sale, this is the norm. Why try to re-invent the way things are done? I was thinking of using Muvizu commercially in Thailand, but I can't see a way of doing it as my prices will be to high and in the future I could not offer discounts to loyal customers. If I owned a copy of the program I would be free to adjust my pricing as I see fit.

I have bought several lesser programs over the years and would certainly be first in line to pay for a pro version of Muvizu.
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