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2013/2/18 11:29:18
Automatic object movement between two points Hi again,

is it possible to set starting and ending points of a movement, or object property, so that when recording I just start theanimation and it continues alone until the ending point?

For example how can I tell Muvizu to move a car at constant speed for a given length and no more than this?

Another example tht I need: how can I tell Muvizu to animate a property from a given starting value to a given ending value at constant speed (i..e without manually moving the property slider)?

Thanks a lot again!
2013/2/18 11:19:29
Animating Spot Light "distance" property Hi, I need to animate the light cone of a spotlight in order to see it starting from the source and slowly travelling into the scene.

I've done this by Object Properties preparation and then directing, but I cannot increase the distance property by little amounts, say 1 unit or 10 units at a time, so that finally my animation is too fast with respect to what I need.

How can I solve this?
Thanks a lot!
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