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2021/5/17 22:42:36
Fists Of Stone In my latest cartoon, The Great Impactor dukes it out with Quarry McGee.
2021/5/3 22:39:16
The Prince And The Cabbage In my latest cartoon a young prince simply will not dine on a cabbage despite his father's decree:
2021/4/26 22:38:13
The Hard Sell In my new cartoon, "The Hard Sell", some things are just a little harder to sell than others.
2021/4/19 22:47:01
Bombs Away! Sometimes you need help to get the payload doors to open.
2021/4/19 22:45:40
How to make a character walk on space My suggestion would be to have the character on an invisible ground backdrop that is floating in the air and in front of an enlarged backdrop behind it. Have the big backdrop showing what another moving camera is seeing on in a scene you have elsewhere in the set. The camera on the character could also be moving. Even the invisible ground backdrop could be moving.
2021/4/19 6:50:24
Granting Muvizu acess to youtube videos I just post on YouTube and then put the link here. Yeah, I'm not keen on letting anyone else have access to any account of mine elsewhere.
2021/4/18 23:23:04
Official Announcement for Oustlanders In my latest cartoon, "Official Announcement for Oustlanders", the tiny nation of Skiordia has a message for the world.

2021/4/5 22:49:57
A Singular Man In my latest video, Major Conrad Roberts learns about his unique place in the universe.
2021/3/28 22:35:24
A video to help your feet. When your feet are killing you, this might be just what you need!
2021/3/22 22:05:38
The Finally Revealed Beginnings Of Ablazing Man! In my latest video, how Ablazing Man came to be can finally be revealed!
2021/3/18 9:01:56
a lost episode in the development of heavier than Here's my latest video, "Gravity Defied", a lost episode in the development of heavier than air flight:
2021/2/22 23:26:27
A special message to all aliens. Here's my latest video "Attention All Aliens". It's a special message to aliens of extraterrestrial origin from the N.P.A.:
2021/2/16 23:25:15
A villian seeks revenge. Here's my latest video. After escaping from prison, The Confounder intends to get his revenge on the man who put him in there, the Mighty Slug!
2021/2/1 0:24:26
A short P.S.A. Here's my latest video, a short P.S.A. about chaos:
2021/1/17 16:12:44
It's all in the name, isn't it? It's all in the name, isn't it? Here's my latest video:
2021/1/11 23:55:18
A message from very, very far away arrives. Here's my latest video where a farmer named Roy is on the receiving end of a message from very far away.
2021/1/3 0:17:03
A PSA for something we all do. You do it all the time and never even think of it.
2020/12/29 8:28:26
A Time Ship In Trouble In my latest video a Time Ship becomes damaged while traveling in the Time Vortex.
"Tomorrow Is Just Another Yesterday"
2020/12/7 12:53:07
A Christmas video that suits the year 2020. Here's my latest video made especially for the 2020 Christmas season. Milos Minotaur has a lonely Christmas ahead of him in a city that doesn't want him.
2020/11/16 12:26:33
A new super hero video Tangerine Athena meets the new hero in town in "A Shining Beacon Of Justice"
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