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2021/12/1 1:06:04
Fatal Error! I just FIXED IT!.. 😱😭😭😭😂😅... I took the WinTap.32.dll out of C:\win\sys32 folder because my older computer didn't have it and Muvizu work on it. The program immediately LOADED!!!! Faster than ever before! I bought everything they had too, and to not to be able to use Muvizu was a devastating blow...
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2021/12/1 0:34:02
Fatal Error! WinTab32.dll: Product version
Copyright: 2019
Date modified: 7/11/2019 2:50PM
Language: Chinese (Simplified, China)
"It is important to periodically update the system and the library, irrelevant files will lead to the failure of the program. For example, you installed games five years old or more, they work fine for you. Then you put a new part of the game, which is no more than a year old. It may not start. The system will display the following alert: Wintab32.DLL error, file missing. It means that the Wintab32.DLL files are inactive or not at all on the computer.
This is due to the fact that programs or games that use the library can make changes. For example, you installed the game, but the system capacity and OS version were incorrectly specified.
The current Wintab32.DLL files will be overwritten and the program will stop working. Since a Wintab32.DLL is missing, it means you need to download it and put it into the system manually. But in most cases, new games / or New (OS) Systems require new files, which were not present at all in the old build of the system, and the only solution is to install or update the whole package." In my case Muvizu have become obsolete due to my OS HP Pavilion Laptop 15 - CSxxx and Windows Updates. Had I the money -- I would down grade...
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2021/11/27 22:41:04
Fatal Error! I just done a fresh Win .10 install and it worked for a little and then -- BAM!
2021/10/22 21:55:49
Fatal Error! Fatal Error on one computer and one fresh-installed computer... I'm thinking it's windows update?.. (wintap32.dll can be found on computer)

<img src="
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Got it working on the fresh installed computer but just too slow and old.
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2020/10/18 10:48:27
Thank you very much Digimania. payalelixir wrote:
I enjoyed this software and than I bought it. Ever since that I have uninstalled and re installed because it keeps taking me back to trial version. None of my other packs are coming up.
Plus now it is giving me an error message that I have used my activation key many times .

I have a gateway account so please fix my issues and tell me what to do so me and other users can use this software


Yeah I bought the zombie and villain pack (main reason I got this program) and their not showing up either -- in fact, a lot of items aren't showing -- please help.
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Update: I watched a tutor and seen learned how to go about finding content -- it was there all alone -- my BAD!
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