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2013/4/19 12:17:47
Fatal errors all the time Utilise la version plus vieille. Le problème a l'air d'être généralisé (j'ai le même problème que vous et plusieurs autres l'ont également)

Utilise ce lien http://muvizu.com/Forum/topic318-download-mirrors.aspx pour installer la version datant de novembre. Je l'utilise en attendant que le problème soit résolu et aucun problème n'a lieu. La seule limitation est que vous n'aurez pas accès aux scènes en ligne (online sets)

Je souhaite fort que ça vous permette de patienter quelques jours, avant la nouvelle version !

Donnez-moi en des nouvelles !
2013/4/19 12:09:07
I'm tired of this CRASH ! Yes , I have Direct X 11 and windows.net is up to date (I also tried to uninstall all and start over again ( I removed also microsoft.net and install it again) but I have again this problem when I want to edit a wall. All the software goes well, but not the editor command.

I searched on the forum and I find someone with the same problem than me


I just wanna know if its possible to get ONLINE sets on the older version since the problem is fixed ?

Thank you !
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2013/4/18 17:10:09
editor crash We should say thanks to you to repair this problem.
Take your time
We enjoy you work, thanks again :P
2013/4/18 16:09:09
I'm tired of this CRASH ! I installed the new version, like you said, but the problem happenend again !

Their is a big white page, and its written on it : Fatal error ......
edited by Dwarf on 18/04/2013
2013/4/16 23:13:44
Newer Version, same problem I download the update today (April 16 th ) and I have again the same problem than you.

Use the older version until this problem is fixed.
2013/4/16 13:11:07
Do you have a publicity for me ! Simon, you totally understand what I want !!!! (I just didn't know how to explain it)
2013/4/16 0:47:07
Do you have a publicity for me ! If I cannot 'borrow' you a publicity, do you have an idea about an easy publicity to create ?
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2013/4/15 19:04:57
Do you have a publicity for me ! Hi , for school, I have to do a news report video (with Muzivu) and I need to put a publicity about .5 mins to 1 minutes and a half in my news report. I wanna know if you can give me a publicity you already created. It would help me to save a lot of time.

I will only need to put french voice on it. The name of the person who did the video will be showed, I don't want to steal a work, only to use it to help me !


Sincerely, Alex ........
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2013/4/15 11:52:30
How do I put different dialogue to the same charac ok, thank you a lot both ! I already have audacity on my pc. With this tutorial, it will be easy ! THANK YOU !
2013/4/15 2:12:08
How do I put different dialogue to the same charac Hi all, like I said in the question, I wanna know how to put different dialogue on the same character.

I tried to do make my character talking with around 10 files I record.

I'm able to make my character talking, but when I try to put a new dialog, it erase the lips mooving of the first dialogue. I don't know what to do !

Thank you to help me.

PS : sorry for mistakes, I talk french normally ( but you can answer in english, I'm able to understand it :P )

Alex ...
2013/4/13 15:11:35
editor crash I have the same problem.

Visit http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic2644-crashes-and-error-messages.aspx

Use the older version until Monday.
2013/4/12 2:03:50
I'm tired of this CRASH ! Thank you. I will use the old one until the bugs are fixes.

I just would like to thank you for the fast answer, and to muvizu team, to offer these free software. Students enjoy a lot
2013/4/12 1:48:21
I'm tired of this CRASH ! Hi all, I wish I don't disturb you, but I have a big problem and I need you !

I tried Muvizu two weeks ago and I really enjoy it ! But since I have the newer version, a big crash happend each time I want to edit a wall !
Each time, it said me : cannot find the next files : C:/ ................ .ddl
I tought it was microsoft.Net that wasn't update. So , I remove it and reinstall it, but a have the same problem !

I'm able to edit characters and modify them, but I cannot modify walls, object and scenes. I also tried to remove and install again Muvizu, but the problem still happend !

I need your help, because I need this cool program for a school projet !
Thank you to help me the fastest as you can , I NEED IT.

PS: sorry for mistakes, I talk french normally !

Sincerely, Alex, 16 years old student
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