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2015/12/3 20:38:13
new problem Thanks for letting me know. Sorry, to hear this.
See you later !
2015/12/3 19:27:11
new problem Hi Guys,

Today it happened twice I lost several hours of work because my scene is NOT re-loaded !! I can not open it again! PFFfff

Muvizu says:

"There was an error loading the scene. Failed to load the object from the file."

End quote

BUT WHICH file is missing, it does not say !!

This is not funny and I never encountered this before.

What to do? Because I restarted today, and don`t want to do the same work again and loose it for the third time.

2015/12/3 11:03:25
sound problem It appears that Windows Media Player (WMP) on this computer repeatedly gives this sound problem, since this new scene plays well, without any sound problem, in my video-editor.

Exporting this scene by means of this video-editor to a new format, re-playing it in WMP results in a good movie scene. No problems.
2015/12/3 11:02:04
sound problem First, additonal information.The last exported copy (used IYUV codec) can not be imported into my video-editor, but the very first exported copy (uncompressed) of this specific scene, does not give any problem. What may be the cause?
The format of my imported sound file is: WAV (microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM.
Tried movie export as an image sequence. Indeed, now the sound is as recorded. In my video-editor I could use this sound file separately.
But, do you understand WHY this sound problem happens?
Thank you,
2015/12/1 17:11:00
sound problem Hi Guys,

Never before encountered a real problem with sound, but now I do.

As usual I made a recording with audacity. During testing, it plays well within muzivu itself. BUT after exporting this file, the sound becomes very bad. It stutters.

Exporting condtions are: 1280 x 720; codec does not matter, nor uncompressed, the sound still stays very bad.

Who can help me solve this?
2015/8/11 14:21:24
error message (2) I didn't discover troubles yet, so i'll ignore it too.

2015/8/11 10:44:26
error message (2) Hi there,

this is the error message shown upon starting Muvizu:

An object’s property has been unexpectedly changed and this file will not display correctly.
?INT?Muvizugame.MuvizuActor.MUIvuzu_MORPH? Called straight

Can you tell me if it's important? What to do about it?
2015/8/11 10:32:38
error message Hi,

After Muvizu update this error massage appeared. See copy.
2015/4/7 11:04:21
video quality OK, tried it out.

Muvizu export setting (720 x 576) equal to Pinnacle Studio export setting. The result is clearly better!

Thanks for your help!
2015/4/6 19:59:18
video quality 1. I used in Muvizu "the make video" screen standard options

Make video used as: 480 x 360; *.avi format says the extension of my file.
output type = video
codec = uncompressed
anti-aliasing = activated

2. What is the resolution of the clip before you import it, or load it into Studio?"

I did not change anything, but imported two muvizu clips directly into Pinnacle Studio. Next I joined these two parts with a 'transition' and exported this as a *avi file format.

P Studio exporting settings are:
file type = *avi
entire screen
video = DV, 720 x 576, 25,00 frames per second
used for computer and TV

The other possiblity suggested by Drewi: "The more professional approach .... is too difficult for me, I think.
2015/4/5 10:52:36
video quality The quality of my video (as *avi) exported with Muvizu is LOWER after editing and exporting with Pinnacle Studio. What does happen? How to preserve quality/resolution?
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