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2014/4/18 1:15:28
Keep Getting shot down. If it was not for us American's you would all be speaking German. Smart ass. You are another one I would like to see you talk to me face to face like that. I bet it would not go so well for you. Where I come from you would not get away with such comments to easily.
2014/4/17 22:58:36
Keep Getting shot down. All I can say to that is this. Yes my work is worth the trouble. You may not think so but I do. My work is all original not retelling some old ass story that is so darn boring I could not even watch the whole "Almost Human" video. Yes his execution is amazing but original and exciting, hell no. Muvizu loves it because it shows off what the program can do. But as far as originality goes. NOT ! I strive to be original and create, not re-hash some old crap from long ago. I am going to move on as you say but you have no right to tell me my work is not worth standing up for.
If you don't like me standing up for myself then too bad. Go cry to your Momma maybe she will give a flip cause I don't.
2014/4/17 20:59:23
Keep Getting shot down. It amazes me the hypocrisy, I don't have any kind of violence or explicit sex in my video and it gets rejected. Yet Fazzman gets his video as a Staff Pick and it shows cold blooded murder blood and all and also decapitation. Where is the fairness in that. Double standard, Double standard, Double standard. What about that Ms Carole?
2014/4/17 17:23:57
Keep Getting shot down. To keep you guys informed. This was my reply to the mighty Carole.

Delete to your hearts content dear but you cannot delete it from my YouTube Account. Nan Nan Nan Nan Nah. By the way they were not having sex, you just saw it that way. I know very well it is at your discretion you don't have to remind me of that. I asked a question is all, you don't have to get all righteous about it. Your moderation team ought to have the courtesy to notify a person that their video is not acceptable and why so they can have the opportunity to fix it. Instead of someone like me having to go through all this to learn why.
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2014/4/17 0:22:13
Keep Getting shot down. You did not watch it ! I am not worthy of your time ? You're missing out on pure genius. LOL
2014/4/16 21:09:10
Keep Getting shot down. Yep they rejected it. I asked why. This is their response is below. I feel I am being discriminated against because I am not from the U.K. How can I continue my series if they block critical parts of it. I used no curse words and any action in this part 5 can be interpreted in many ways all depends on what type of mind you have. I suspect dirty minds prevail. They were not having sex per say but that is how they interpreted it. That is sort of a give away for part 6 but not sure if I should continue now.

"Hi Sovransoul,
Our moderation team felt your video was inappropriate, and have decided to reject it from appearing in the gallery. We realize that you may have differing views on the video and accept this, and I've spoken with the moderation team, but it's entirely at their discretion as to if the video appears in the gallery or not, there's not much more I can do other than that. The rejection is in no means meant as a shot at you or aimed at being unfair, however they just do not feel your video and "A Foul Deed Indeed" are within the same line."
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2014/2/24 13:54:18
What is acceptable? I noticed that the video "A Foul Deed" by paveyard was published in the Muvizu Gallery. Yet I have created 3 different versions of a video that has gay subject matter the latest version being very clean subtle no sex acts or foul language but all have not been accepted. I wonder why? Here my latest version:
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