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2015/1/8 15:30:39
New User Here Vital signs are still good... beep... beep... beep...

Lots of lovely new licence holders on board over festive season - we're hoping for flowers AND grapes.
2015/1/8 11:05:57
New User Here Waves! Happy 2015 Muvizuers. Welcome aboard Matt!

We do realise there have been some frustrating delays recently.
Muvizu really isn't 'all but dead' and is, I hope most of you will agree is still giving many people a whole lot of pleasure.

It's only natural a few folks will aspire to do things beyond the current capabilities of any programme and we do share and really appreciate your ambition for Muvizu.

As soon as we're able to share more with you we will - promise.

Do keep sharing examples of your best work in the gallery.
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2014/12/18 12:08:30
How do I get a refund Sorry to hear you're having problems.
Have you chatted it through with our support guys?
2014/11/28 14:02:59
Black Friday Sorry - didn't mean to get your hopes up there. I guess thinking about it though that if the sale (if that was what I was hinting at) does go well itcould take us closer our real Muvizu Christmas wishes coming in the bizarre commercial world we live in.

Stay safe Muviziers (and away from all today's shopping insanity!)
2014/11/28 9:47:20
Black Friday Who needs Black Friday when there's a 'Muvizu Monday' (and Tuesday and Wednes...) to look forward too. Quiet
2014/10/27 9:53:04
Pre-moderation for new users Hi all,
As you know for the last few weeks we've been suffering from some Spam Alert! attacks. We do know how annoying these are, especially at the weekend. We've tried a couple of things to help with this but it still seems to have been an issue over this weekend. Pah.

We've now put in place pre-moderation for all new users posts. This will mean anyone who registers in future will have to have their messages approved before they will appear. We are sorry it has come to this but know those of you that have suffered from the bloated boards will understand. Die die die!
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2014/7/30 10:44:06
Muvizu in a TV show Hey Manning - thanks for sharing this with us!!!

The team here can't wait to see what you produce. We loved doing the reverse Green Screen for our promo video - it's really effective.
Do keep us posted. I'm sure some of our regulars will be up for helping with those objects and textures too.

Really exciting!
2014/5/22 17:32:25
Just One Piece Competition The results are in! Drum roll:

From the 'Just One Piece' team

"First off we’d like to apologise for the delay in getting our feedback to you all, we’re working on ‘Just One Piece’ around our regular jobs and so ran a little short of time this past week.

We love the stuff that everyone has created and it’s really great to see our vision starting to come to life so thank you all for taking the time to rise to our challenge! When the guys at Muvizu told us that they had such a great and talented community they certainly weren’t joking!

As there was ultimately a small field to choose from choosing the ‘winner’ has been really difficult as everyone has clearly put so much work into each animation.

Wdeprospo; thank you so much for getting the ball rolling as it’s always tough to be the first! We love what you put together as it’s a gentle and simple idea that gets the point across without using spech which is a nice way to convey the idea that people should change their behaviour!

Fman00; what a great visualisation of the idea! We loved the fact that it shows how people can work together to make a difference when they stop to think about things (or have their bad behaviour pointed out to them!) and the twist at the end was a great touch!

Fazz68; what a great piece of animation - we love the way you captured the flow of a person on their way to a holiday! You cleverly conveyed the point of ‘realisation’ - that missed opportunity to do good - and then the subsequent redemption through a simple act that made a difference to the environment around our ‘hero’. Great work.

Insane Hamster; we loved the way you used both animation and voiceover to explain the concept! It was great to see you use the concept of people sharing the idea and how that makes the idea grow and the split screen showing this was a really nice touch too!

So, where does this leave us… well, in the end we decided that the only fair way to choose the winners was to look at those that were closest to our original briefs and so we’d like to declare Fazz68 and Insane Hamster as the official winners. Congratulations and huge thanks to both of you. The team at Muvizu will be in touch to arrange how we get your prizes to you.

We would also like to offer consolation prizes of Amazon vouchers to Wdeprospo and Fman00, we really appreciate you taking part and want to show our thanks to you too.

Thanks again, you guys are amazing!"

More via email soon – congrats all!
2014/5/22 16:42:57
My first time Love it. Especially the data policeman. "It aint coming in!"

Impressive use of puns - bet the students loved it (and groaned).
Amazing how much more memorable stuff like this becomes when done like this.
2014/5/22 10:58:17
Just One Piece Competition Sorry for delay on the feedback for the competition folks!

Hoping to have it for you today.

Know you're all in suspenders...
2014/5/9 14:15:05
Just One Piece Competition Huge thanks to those of you that took the time to submit entries to this! Applause

The entries are now in the hands of the Just One Piece team.

We'll announce the results and feedback next week.
2014/5/9 9:07:08
Music Video. Well done Rebel - impressive work getting all those dancers looking convincing. Love the end with the frozen peas!

Let us know how the video goes down with the bands fans.
2014/5/6 9:28:44
Just One Piece Competition Really, really nice!

Great V/O too. Thanks for that Hammy (may i call you Hammy? Lol. )

Love it. Two cracking entries in! Could that be it!! Surely not Miss Moneypenny?
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2014/4/29 9:47:01
What you Muvizuing at the minute? Hope some of you are taking some time off your main projects to throw in an entry to our Just One Piece comp?

Only one entry in so far, we could really do with a few more.
2014/4/28 11:56:08
Will there be a new version of Muvizu this year? Good morning toonarama,

Update on this coming down the track soon methinks...
2014/4/24 10:59:33
My Muvizu video! Hi,
I'm afraid if you really don't want a double copy on YouTube then we've missed the boat on the Gallery entry. On completion of a Muvizu clip the upload button puts it onto YouTube and inserts it in our Gallery in one step.

The only way round this would be to re-upload and then delete your original but you'd lose the views on that original upload.

Sorry there's not a better answer for you on this one.

2014/4/23 10:26:59
Just One Piece Competition 16 days left on this. Just saying.
2014/4/23 9:55:49
Star Child from the Constellation What a lot of work has gone into this - some really nice shots and use of music.
End credits are great too. Applause
Good luck with it.
2014/4/23 9:40:35
New experimental video Not showing up at all at this end Big Wally. Bit weird.
2014/4/17 9:16:23
Keep Getting shot down. The content in our Gallery inevitably reflects our software directly. Our terms and conditions clearly reserve us the right to decide what is or isn't acceptable for the Gallery. The nature of the video you posted was not something we think suitable for the entire Muvizu audience, had potential to offend, and we do not feel it is appropriate for the Gallery.

"We do not guarantee that any User Content you submit will be posted on the Site."

This decision is made regardless of geographical location or WHO made the posting. Anyone posting content of a sexual, adult or otherwise controversial nature runs the risk of their video being rejected by our moderation team.

We deleted the videos from this thread for the same reasons we deleted the originals - your 'clean version' was linked to the original version in what we viewed as an attempt to bypass our decision.
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