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2014/4/16 9:21:33
My Muvizu video! Hi Son of Kong,
Sorry - the gallery uploads were complicated when there was a change with the way YouTube/Google+ accounts operated.
So it would involve uploading to YouTube again if you didn't have your Muvizu account linked up fully.
I think we could do with a write-up of this process to clarify - I'll get on the case...
2014/4/15 9:58:08
Just One Piece Competition Excellent.

It's a bit of a chicken and egg thing InsaneHamster - they are involving us early in their efforts to grow the project so I don't think the pages exist quite yet... great to know you're giving it a go. Look forward to seeing the results.
2014/4/14 17:27:11
Just One Piece Competition Wasn't until after we posted the image below on Facebook about the competition prizes that we noticed the slight innuendo. <blush>

Poor wee blobby on the hunt for a holiday romance and having his 'personal hygiene' questioned. That's what he gets for going topless and showing off his white bits.

Anyone else working on an entry for the competition?

2014/4/14 16:54:48
My Muvizu video! Don't forget to add it to the gallery too!

There's an upload button beside the login/logout at the top of the site.
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2014/4/14 16:13:28
Just One Piece Competition Really nice William! Love the simplicity.

Thank you.
2014/4/14 12:46:06
I can't install muvizu :( Hello JessJess,
We're sorry you are having trouble installing. If this has happened several times then it would be best to contact our support team here -

They'll be able to try and help you resolve your issue.
2014/4/14 9:29:00
Space Oddity with Muvizu ! Wow indeed.

Can you upload it to the Muvizu gallery please so we can highlight!
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2014/4/10 14:58:27
Just One Piece Competition All adds to the fun and the challenge. We do make reference to that 'issue' in the brief.

It's actually as much about the feeling of doing good and how folk pull that off less often than they'd like than the picking up of the litter.

We positively live to amuse. Boogy Dance
2014/4/9 13:59:39
Just One Piece Competition We hope you're tempted Fazz. Could be something really simple - often the most effective pieces are as you know.
2014/4/9 12:54:27
Just One Piece Competition It’s nearly Easter and (here in the UK at least) inspired by longer daylight hours, and the horror of bikini wearing after all those chocolate eggs, our thoughts traditionally turn to Summer Holidays.

But what if we could fairly effortlessly add a positive, meaningful dimension to our annual travel treat?

It’s competition time!
Read Report

We love nothing more than a juicy creative brief to kickstart creative processes.

I for one can really relate to this one. I’m positively riddled with good intentions and plans to be more proactive but somehow, well, life just seems to get in the way.

We’ve all seen or heard about examples of the power of collaborative effort. The ways small acts of kindness or good intent can impact together and really change things. And it’s fascinating how advances in technology and platforms like Google maps for instance are giving us the chance to tie together each tiny event and to amplify their combined effect.

This really got the cogs turning for a group of folks around the world that call themselves Just One Piece. Passionate about our environment they believe that small, single gestures, made by lots of people, can make a big difference to our environment without any of us really having to do much at all. Like being a really good boy (or girl) scout without having to put in the effort!

Have a read at their plans, explore the inspiring links that they’ve been thinking about so far and then add your own creative thinking to the mix – either in this thread or by entering an animation - it would be amazing to play a part in inspiring a new global movement.

More on the competition.
2014/4/8 17:13:33
Red Road Flats Glasgow's Red Road Flats are hitting the news just now in relation to the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

Reminded us of this really touching piece done in a collaborative workshop using early Muvizu about the demolition of the original blocks and featuring the voices and feelings at the time of the children who were living there.

2014/3/3 16:28:35
Asset Creation Thanks for that Urban. We will bear your kind offer in mind as things evolve.

For now though, and after factoring in all your generous points, several meaty discussions and a good bit of hmming and hawing we have now reached a conclusion. We will sadly as reported earlier be closing the 3D assets and audio sections of our site. However, the more Muvizu specific set files (ironically with the potential for inclusion of functioning 3D objects) and texture options will remain open.

If one of you does weigh up the implications of running a fan site to host 3D assets and decides to proceed then that’s great and we will of course as Barry said do what we can to support/certify them.

We apologise to those of you who don’t agree with this decision. There will always be business decisions like this to be faced and we will always do our best to balance these with providing a great product and service to our whole user base.
2014/3/3 11:13:25
Asset Creation Thanks for thoughts everyone. Always useful to open things like this up where possible and to get such constructive contributions.

We're looking at realistic options - more soon.
2014/2/26 18:18:55
Asset Creation toonarama wrote:
Muvizu has always been very community minded but there is less and less input from staff on the forum which I assume is a directive. And this seems another step down the road of removing the "family atmosphere"

You all used to be knee deep in Muvizu staff in here - unnecessarily. We're proud (and we know you guys mention it too) of what a happy and well self-managed community this is. No directive. Just a natural development - the introduction of our more formal support system too means the guys you used to trip over in here are still handling 'issues'. Just via a different stream.
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2014/2/26 18:13:34
Asset Creation InsaneHamster wrote:
But hopefully as Urban has said she is starting her own site to get assets so maybe HQ will have a tab with links to all the users sites that create assets for Muvizu.

Yup, this is the sort of thing we can and should factor in going forward here on the forum or on the Get Assets page which will become more of an Assets Library page.
2014/2/26 16:42:46
Asset Creation Hello All,

Having looked at the offerings of marketplaces for 3D assets and factoring in some business prioritisation we are going to close the Muvizu gallery of 3D assets to new submissions. The existing assets will remain as a library but we would like to encourage Muvizu users to use marketplaces more geared up to the sharing process and ones that actually allow you to profit from your creativity if you so wish.

In advance of doing this we wanted to gather some thoughts from you our community around alternatives. We plan at the moment to suggest we centre activity around TurboSquid using Muvizu in the name of items to aid searchability.

Just a heads up and a chance to throw in suggestions.
2014/2/12 13:33:37
Share the love! Awwww. Nice one. Worth the wait.
2014/2/12 11:27:43
Share the love! Not Found Try posting again niklasklein.
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2014/2/10 15:21:33
Share the love! Lovely colours Rakbru. Yes, you can submit more than one entry.
2014/2/5 10:02:48
Support Mails Read Report Just to flag that we've been having some issues over the last 48 hours with emails reaching us from the outside world.

If anyone does have any outstanding queries from the last couple of days please do follow up again with our support team.

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