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2014/2/5 9:35:43
FBX Attachments with textures - TOTAL FAILURE Hi Chuckles,
We've been having a few issues with our hosting/emails here for a couple of days. Just wanted to check if you mailed over your assets to our QA team or if your issue has been resolved?
2014/1/27 17:12:20
Show us your Beefy! Lol. We're liking the Moany Lisa Ziggy!

Not blown all to hell Urban - just a bit craaaazy. The stuff coming through is great fun. Still no real masked avengers though.
2014/1/23 15:59:49
Show us your Beefy! Why thank you Woztoons - this one was done with it - could run and run with these. Somebody stop me.... Still no real photos mind you - are you all camera shy?

This weekend when you're all out and about. Don't leave the house without your Beefy masks!!!

2014/1/23 10:27:28
Show us your Beefy!
2014/1/22 9:26:42
Show us your Beefy! Morning all! Not exactly what we expected but awesome. 10/10 for imagination - we'd expect no less from Muvizuers.

Keep 'em coming - a few real ones would be good too too? Oh and please stick them over on our Facebook wall if you're on there.
2014/1/20 17:10:57
swimming britain ginger beard dude We love this Colin. Perfect use of Muvizu to enhance an audio interview.
I know this one had pics originally but perfect to enrich audio only.

Liking the flippers. Glad Sean liked it too.
2014/1/14 13:53:09
First EVER sale! HayManMarc wrote:
I'm a little confused. I already have a previous version of Muvizu. Do I need to download it again to receive the "play+" deal, or do I need to update the version I already have? Do I need to uninstall the old version first? Will I lose any of my previous work in the process?

Hi HayManMarc,
Welcome back! Great to hear you're interested in an upgrade. No need to download again. In your current version of Muvizu:Play you'll see a big pink question mark top right on the screen. here you'll get access to the Licence Manager where you should find some simple steps to upgrade and for the great price of £75 til the end of this month. So, no uninstall needed and you won't lose any of your saved work.

Hope this helps - keep Muvizuing.
2014/1/14 9:32:43
First EVER sale! joeactor wrote:
I am definitely interested...

One question: does the licence purchase include any upgrades/updates to the software?
(or will I need to buy again at some future point?)


Great to hear the buzz around this our first sale! The licence you purchase is for this version of the software in perpetuity (or forever if, like me, you have little Latin vocabulary).

If and/or when we do in future, release new products and add-ons that are chargeable, existing Play+ users would be entitled to a discounted rate for them.
2013/12/19 10:51:58
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! PS. Blob's much better today urban - though still a bit puffy round the eyes. <Whispers so she doesn't set him off again>

Thanks for sharing!
2013/12/19 10:49:44
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! Facebook has a secret formula it uses to apply 'weight' to postings that influences when they show up in followers' feeds.

One way to increase the likelihood of getting posts is to add us (or any product/brand you particularly want to hear from) to an interest list.

If you right click of the wee cog on while on the page it should give you the option to do this.
2013/12/18 16:07:13
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! Those of you that follow us on Facebook - don't forget there's an extra chance to win a Muvizu blob by sharing a wee promo from our Facebook page.

Only three shares for him so far - our camera in the competition studio happened to be running when he overheard that no-one seemed to want him. It would bring a tear to a glass eye - he's still at it now...

If you do follow us, go on - give us a share. If you don't follow us - give us a 'like'.
2013/12/16 10:41:47
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! Congratulations. Really nice first production. Hope you enjoyed making it!

snoopylino wrote:
and here is my first contribution for Christmas for you - and my first ever in Muvizu;-)
have beautiful christmas days ;-)

2013/12/16 9:29:22
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! Yup. You can of course be as creative as you like with the dogs as long as the boards are in there.

Look forward to seeing what you create!

bigwally wrote:
Carole wrote:
Great to see folks pushing the dog intro and outro as far as they can.

So, I'm guessing that modifying the intro and outro is okay.
I wanted to be clear on this.
2013/12/11 14:36:16
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! Loving the Christmas Cards we've had in already!

The possibilities are endless. Great to see folks pushing the dog intro and outro as far as they can. Some cool cracker explosions.

Was hoping for more newbies to see this as their first chance to really get a feel for Muvizu and deliver something finished relatively easily.

Come on guys - dive in there and give it a go.

I'm going to try a few myself at the weekend. Brace yourselves...
2013/12/4 17:40:15
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! They're not! This is purely for your own personal satisfaction and the joy of sharing a Christmas giggle (and how clever and creative you are) with those you care about.

Prize winners names will be drawn from a hat! (or the digital equivalent)
2013/12/3 18:23:14
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! It’s Christmassssssssssssssssssss! Well nearly.
And tis indeed the season to be jolly and do we have a jolly good Christmas competition for you? We do indeed.
Do you hate the taste of envelopes and the boring duty of writing out your Christmas cards as much as we do? Well, walk this way. <Does comedy walk and looks over shoulder to make sure you’re all doing it too.>

This year, not only can you get your mitts on a Muvizu:Play+ licence – a great gift if you already the proud owner of one or an awesome way to get the most out of Muvizu if you don’t - but you'll also put yourself in the running to win a cuddly Muvizu blob mascot. All you have to do is create a ‘Christmas Cracker Joke’ using Muvizu.
We’ve made the competition this year a little bit easier to be sure everyone can have a go. We’ve created a blank scene that can be downloaded and we’ve also pre-recorded a few jokes for you too to kick things off (if you’re feeling confident, feel free to record your own) all you have to do is direct your joke of choice then upload it to our site – don't forget to share it with your friends and family too!
So check out our competition page and get started! You have until Christmas Day!
You could be the lucky one kissing a cuddly Blob mascot under the wilting mistletoe this January! Imagine...
Good luck everyone – have fun!
2013/11/4 15:00:30
Themes Thanks all for some really useful and interesting contributions to this.

We'll 'chew' it all a little bit more grouphug and report back - more competitions in future for sure though!
2013/10/31 17:06:37
Themes Hi everyone,
Despite the fairly low number of stickmen massacres we had submitted, we’ve been debating the idea of running monthly themes for videos on Muvizu.

We’ve seen this done really effectively before with digital art and photography sites, sometimes around a single word or even with several set items. In fact I believe we’ve done it here before with providing a soundtrack for folks to animate?

As we have such a creative community here on our boards we thought it was worth sounding you all out about what you thought we could do to help get more good videos through the Muvizu gallery and to make the whole experience even more fun for all.

We reckon it can sometimes be that completely clear blank sheet of paper that is the stumbling block for new users.

So what might we do? What would work? Here’s one - November is Sweet Potato awareness month and a raft of vegetable-themed skits could give us some fun… or maybe not (blushes)… Movember is looming too? Any better ideas or thoughts about structure?
2013/10/10 16:41:49
Go on, scare us it is October.. Looking for something a little less controversial and arguably not that scary this year D.
2013/10/9 14:40:32
Go on, scare us it is October.. Anyone planning anything spooky or devilish using Muvizu for Halloween?

Was just revisiting some of the Halloween highlights from past years - there' re some crackers too.

Star Trek Kirk of the Dead
Scary Halloween Poem
and Spa

are my top picks.

Be nice to get some fresh blood this year though - "mwahhaaaaahaaa..."
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