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2013/7/31 18:04:31
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility Hi All,
I've just been told by the technical whizzes over the other side of the office from me that next time you start up Muvizu you’ll be presented with a small download.
It’s just a patch which just fixes a few compatibility issues with some sets saved in older versions of the software.
Happy animating
2013/7/2 11:32:46
Hello Everyone! Hello Yoo!
Nice to meet you.

So have you been yarnbombing long then?

Hope you enjoy Muvizu.
2013/6/4 12:41:24
At last, I finally found this great software! "I'm so excited I finally found something to do animation with that's so simple and fun!"

Thanks for that great quote. Made our day here!

Hope things are running smoothly now!
Look forward to seeing your creations.
2013/5/16 12:41:01
Like Muvizu? Tell Your Friends. Hey,
We're running a series of competitions over on Facebook just now - hope you've all entered.

We've got a growing number of folk liking our page which is great but it would cool if some of you more dedicated fans could help us to spread the word a bit and encourage others to discover to the joy of using Muvizu.

I've rustled up a wee still of the gorgeous Beefy that I thought some of you might be willing to share with your friends for us.

Oh, and while you're in there don't forget to enter the comp and try to win yourself some shiny new Skullcandy headphones.

Good luck! (and thanks for the share in advance)
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2013/5/10 12:45:39
Hello Everyone! <Waving enthusiastically to all!>

Thanks for the warm welcome. It's great to get a bit more on some of your stories too.

If/when I do my job right we should see some new voices appearing on the forums soon and it's reassuring to know there's such a solid base of users who love animation and are willing to support others as they discover the joy of Muvizu.

See you all 'around'!

My avatar isn't cold Dreeko - she's just Scottish = blue skin. shake head
2013/5/9 17:14:01
Hello Everyone! Good to 'meet' you John and Mr Dr. Who13.

I was also at the PLAY launch though didn't realise them I was going to become part of the team so I may have met some of you in person.

It'll take me a while to get familiar with all your users names and content but how lucky do I feel to be involved with such an exciting and potentially industry changing technology. Will take a look at some of your work tonight.
2013/5/9 16:22:53
Hello Everyone! Just want to say HELLO and to introduce myself to you all.

My name is Carole and I've just joined the Muvizu team working to help spread the news about our great software, the awesome animations you guys are producing using it and to help the team share new developments as they crop up over the coming months.

I've heard really good things about this community and really look forward to getting to know you all better.

Be nice if some of you can pop by and introduce yourself and tell me just a little about how you've been using Muvizu.
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