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2013/7/3 17:30:59
[Online] Yearning Thanks

2013/7/3 13:56:50
[Online] Yearning Hello all together,

It is done. My first Muvizufilm is online.

Kim is a writer and she writes a romance. She is deep in thought, as her ex-boyfriend she suddenly üulls out

It's a Silent Film and the Length is 5:34

My english is not perfect but I hope you understand the movie.

and now I wish you much fun.
2013/6/30 7:42:13
[Coming soon] Yearning Ok, thanks.

Let's see what happens on Monday. Around noon, I come home from work, then I'll go see.
2013/6/30 7:36:55
Just to say "Hi!" :) Hi Itak,

Welcome to the forum.

You've used the emotions well.
2013/6/29 5:45:54
[Coming soon] Yearning Sorry for Double Post.

I uploaded yesterday about my Muvizu account the film, but he does not appear in the gallery. My account says " You have no Movies yet".

What did I do wrong?
2013/6/26 15:05:15
[Coming soon] Yearning InsaneHamster wrote:
Look forward to seeing it. I do believe a silent film is harder to do then a film with voices. I enjoyed making The Mirror but it was a lot of work. Can't wait to see it....going to get popcorn ready

I think every movie is difficult on its way.
I just looked at your silent film. Terrific. I'm impressed.

My film is making good progress.
90% are finished.
2013/6/25 18:13:10
[Coming soon] Yearning Looks good.
I like it.
2013/6/25 13:51:50
[Coming soon] Yearning But will remain my only silent film.
A Muvizu logo will also be featured in the film.
I do not know if there is such a thing already.
2013/6/25 13:36:50
Brawl Really fabulous.
My compliments.
2013/6/25 13:09:10
Emperor of the World Nice Outtake.
Well done.
2013/6/24 15:29:23
[Coming soon] Yearning MrDrWho13 wrote:
Sounds like a good old fashioned silent film! I'm looking forward to watching it.

Yes. The only thing you will hear is the music.
2013/6/24 14:28:12
Coming Soon... The picture I like very much. Just as the characters.
I look forward to the movie.
2013/6/23 10:42:03
[Coming soon] Yearning Hello all together,

My first Muvizufilm is nearing completion.

It's nothing special, because it is a test film. He is in black and white and without voice output.
The spoken words are displayed on a black background.
Just like in the old movies.
2013/6/14 18:42:00
Hello Community I had done on my old PC a few scenes.
But I will turn everything, because I do not like the old one.
Today I shot a few scenes. Lot of fun.
2013/6/13 15:24:53
Hello Community I got my new computer and it works fine.
Now I can start with my first film.
2013/6/9 16:38:25
5th Annual Chris62 Halloween Fest/Contest 2013 Yes, that sounds good. The page looks good. I came across a few well known films. I was there once registered.
2013/6/9 14:11:00
Hello Community I sent it back and wanted a new one. Instead, I get my money back.
Well, then I have just re-order.
2013/6/1 17:46:02
Hello Community Sorry for Double post.

Today, my new computer has arrived. Now I can send it back because it's broken.
I booted up my PC and after 15 minutes he turned off and began to stink.
2013/5/31 19:10:22
Hello Community With my PC, it is getting worse. He is also a bit dated.
A few days ago, I bought a new on Amazon. He's either this Saturday or Monday.
I hope my first project then nothing stands in the way
2013/5/27 19:15:06
Man of Steel..Identity Crisis (Batman vs Superman) Fbulous staging.

I was very well entertained.
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