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2013/5/27 18:43:01
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
rofl yes definately scared now .. wonder how bizarre this one is going to be .. your head evil dude is looking like a cross between a klingon and an orc so I will call him a Klorc Big Grin

LOL! Klorc, the new species.

The poster I really like. I look forward to the movie.
2013/5/27 18:29:58
Hello Community urbanlamb wrote:
are you getting a blue screen?

your brave if your pc is overheating to shut down but yes its likely the graphics card. In these applications that is what works the hardest and most likely to overheat

No, it's all normal.
My PC is 3 Years old. Let's see what the repair costs.
2013/5/26 16:20:06
Hello Community It's not only in Muvizu. In other games or programms, I have the same problem. Maybe it has to do with the graphics card. I must inform me by Acer. But my Vegas works perfectly.
A few scenes of my new project are finished. I could make a teaser
2013/5/26 13:57:11
Coming Soon... Since I like DC Comics and Marvel, I'm looking forward to the movie.
2013/5/26 11:26:50
Hello Community I'm already working on my first project. Is intended as a test film. Only I'm making very slow progress. If I go into Muvizu, my computer shuts down after 15 minutes.
I think it's a ventilation problem.
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2013/5/25 19:07:55
Hello Community Thank you for your welcome.

MrDrWho13 wrote:
Sound like you know quite a lot already, have fun making your movie!

Well, I'm not perfect.
My first films with a new program will be a disaster.
2013/5/25 13:32:48
Hello Community Hello all together,

I'm new here. My name is Stefan. I am a german machinima filmmaker.
I've made films with "The Movies", "Moviestorm", "GTA 4" and "Sims 3".
Now I have discovered Muvizu. I've played around a bit.
It's a really great program.
I hope that I can present my first film soon.


Greeting Stefan
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