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2013/11/26 15:05:47
stacks of cash Hi Don,

What file format is your object that you're trying to import? .ASE, .FBX or something else?

- RB
2013/11/15 13:50:51
Downloading Muvizu extremely slow. Not a problem, glad to hear it worked!

Hope we get to see some of the good work your son does on our gallery!

2013/11/15 9:36:34
Downloading Muvizu extremely slow. Hi PRHunt!

Sorry to hear you guys are having trouble, have you tried downloading it using a download manager? They help to avoid data loss and corruption during the download (that's why you might get an integrity failure).

We've got a page on the wiki for it: http://muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/64/download-managers

It has some download managers you can use (all of which are free!)

Hope this helps!

2013/10/23 9:36:12
Request - Camera roll animation Try the + key. ;D
2013/9/20 9:21:33
SuperNatural Inc Episode 1 - Izzakel is FREE!!!! Wow, now that's some great work there, Crow!

I'm looking forward to Episode 2, now!

Great job, and keep on animating!

- RB
2013/9/19 14:11:01
MGVS2 - Universal retro gaming system Back soon, guys, got places to be and things to annex into my possession.
2013/8/30 13:41:27
The French Alps Very nice! Looks like a good time to me. Big Grin
2013/8/30 9:54:20
Help Wanted: Elvis Clothes! I'm thinking that Mr Potato Head would probably work best - the video's got a bit more of a silly feel anyway, so I think it'll work better on him than on Beefy.
2013/8/29 15:45:32
Help Wanted: Elvis Clothes! A picture would have been a great idea...Shall add one in my post, cheers MDW! Big Grin

Also, I'm not a she. :P
2013/8/29 15:25:23
Help Wanted: Elvis Clothes! That's right, I need some Elvis gear - there's gonna be a character who has to look like The King in a video I'm working on. Anyone who can give it a go would be much appreciated; you remember the white, spangly jumpsuit he used to wear? Something like that.

Thanks, all! Big Grin

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2013/8/16 11:02:50
Error Message still Occur frm last months update Hi Monica!

Currently, our dev team is looking into this issue, so hopefully we'll have a fix soon!

2013/8/16 9:31:31
Lip-sycning Hi there!

Thanks for your feedback, and we'll certainly take it on board!

In the meantime, a suggestion is to record and edit your audio into one, master file, with a slight space between the characters speaking to give yourself time to properly animate, then record the characters talking one at a time. Just keep an eye on who will talk when, and press the "shush" button to stop them talking when it's not their turn. Remember that characters can start off in shush mode, so they won't talk until you want them to! Big Grin

Hope this helped,

2013/8/2 8:15:29
sets wont load, cameras 3 and 4 only skuhl wrote:
I'm also getting the ""There was an error loading the scene. The feature you are trying to use is not licensed for this version of Muvizu." message when I try to open a lot of my sets, both before and after updating. Do you want them emailed to bugs@muvizu.com?

Hi Skuhl,

Please do; if you email them to bugs@muvizu.com, put in the subject that they are for Neil, that way we can get them to him right away.
2013/7/11 8:45:07
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - EPISODE 13 OUT NOW!!! I did indeed enjoy it.
2013/7/5 8:55:48
Hey guys! I am FLABBERGASTED! Welcome aboard, Patrick!

Glad to hear you're enjoying Muvizu and finding it easy to use! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make and come up with!

If you have any question, don't be afraid to post them up here or send us a message to see if we can help. Someone here no doubt knows all the answer.

Have fun and keep making!

- RB
2013/7/3 10:08:07
What do you do in your spare time? Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Watch Iron Man 3, think about Iron Man 3, wear Iron Man 3 shirts, post about Iron Man 3 on the internet, eat and sleep.

Lev...Are you Iron Man? These all sound like very convenient TonyStarkisms...
2013/7/1 16:43:43
Does Muvizu accept audio jack? Hi there,

If your microphone isn't displaying an input when you're trying to record (for example, the little audio bar isn't shooting upward when you speak into the mic) and you're positive the microphone isn't malfunctioning, I'd suggest first clicking on your audio level option (on the taskbar, down the bottom right next to the date) and then press "Mixer". Check the microphone has been turned up, and that the correct device is set - your microphone, though plugged in, may not be your chosen device, in which case it's not actually in use when you try to record.

If that still fails, then as Urban suggested, it may be easier to try recording in something such as Audacity first. It's free and easy to use, just make sure you export it as a WAV file for a fairly decent quality! Big Grin

Hope this was of use,

- RB
2013/6/28 17:06:27

Thanks for your reply! Don't worry about the copy/paste, we can read it all here, so no harm, no foul!

Anyhow, I spoke with the other members of the team and we checked the specs - we think you just need to update your drivers. You can do that from the link below, just click on it and it should check your drivers for you.


Hope this helps!

- RB
2013/6/25 13:47:23

As the lovely lads above said, could you post your system specs here? That way, it'll be a lot easier for us to try and narrow down the error and give you the right advice. If you open up the start bar and search "dxdiag" and open the file, it will collect all of your specs for you. Then if you save the info and open it, you can copy/paste the info into here, or you can message it to one of the staff here.

Otherwise, if you've checked your specs against the requirements and they pair up okay, you could try downloading Direct X yourself, or uninstall Muvizu, then reinstall it.


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