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2013/5/31 2:10:42
Muvizu will not record my animations Hello
I have no idea what codec that was. I did,nt know that I had especially installed one.
I just used the program and it used to work fine.not anymore

2013/5/31 0:03:33
Muvizu will not record my animations Hello,

i have been using muvizu for a couple of months now and I could easily record and make video of the animations I had made. Recently I had to get my laptop re-imaged by our tech guys (im a computing teacher) and since re-installing Muvizu it will not record my videos. It will record an AVI but there will be no bytes in it what so ever. I haven't changed any setitngs since I re-installed muvizu.

Any suggestions?, This is really frustrating.

David H
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