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2013/7/22 3:25:08
Camera help needed - Please! One of the hardest things for me with Muvizu is figuring out the cameras. I keep forgetting that what I'm looking at on the screen isn't exactly what I'll see when I render the video. The scene was framed perfectly, I thought, until I rendered the video and nothing was showing on the screen.

When I look at the camera window right now, I can see that the camera is off to the side, not facing my character. The issue now is how do I find my camera? It's not showing anywhere on the screen. Hide camera is showing in the menu, so it isn't hidden. How do I make it appear on the screen so I can position it?
2013/7/21 15:44:59
Creating and Timing Characters Reactions Lots of great information! Thanks Ziggy The details are very helpful - especially since I'm just starting out. It's good to know the limitations so I don't spend days trying to get something to work in a way that it simply doesn't. I have to remember that no one program does it all. But for everything it offers, Muvizu is amazing.
2013/7/21 6:13:01
Creating and Timing Characters Reactions How do I make my characters smile at the appropriate moments? I'm working on one character now that smiles when he shouldn't and looks bland when I want him to smile. This goes for other emotions as well. How do I make my characters respond the way I want them to when I want them to?
2013/7/6 4:41:14
Make the camera move vertically I've looked at the tutorial on camera movement and I've gone to the help section to see which keys to use. This is what's helped me the most though:

@fazz68 you're right about having to be an octopus. I finally got the camera to move vertically. Then I realized I had to tilt the camera. Though I followed the instructions about using the page up and down to tilt the camera, if didn't work for me at first until I just held down the right mouse button. To move the camera vertically, I had to hold down both the left and right buttons.

Trial and error and practice. Just like with everything else.

Thanks @urbanlamb for all the help you've been giving me.
2013/7/6 2:44:58
Make the camera move vertically I can make the whole page move up and down, but I just want the camera to do it. How do I get high and low angles with the camera?

My character is walking from a distance towards the camera. So, it's going effectively from a long shot to a medium close up. I want the character in the frame the whole time, but as he gets closer, he walks underneath the camera off the screen.

When I try keeping him in frame, it's not the kind of shot I want. There's a lot of head space. The camera is stuck at eye level. I want to lower it. Please let me know how to do this. Thanks.
2013/7/6 2:34:12
Which settings do you choose for "Make video"? Thanks! I was wondering if I should put this through video editing software.
2013/7/5 22:54:03
Which settings do you choose for "Make video"? It's going to take me 3 1/2 hours to upload a 40 second video to YouTube with the current settings I have:

resolution - 720x480
codec - uncompressed

Which settings do you use when you choose "Make video"?
2013/6/9 11:57:15
Can't find downloaded objects Thanks for taking the time out to explain the different types of assets to me fazz and urbanlamb. I definitely appreciate it.

You've helped bring together some of the information in the videos for me, and I understand it a little bit better. I have to get used to the terminology and the program in general. I'm quite clumsy with it right now.

And thanks urbanlamb for all the details you included in your post. The step by steps are especially helpful right now while I'm trying to figure things out.
2013/6/8 23:51:02
Can't find downloaded objects I did what you said. Went to the assets online. Downloaded a file. It wasn't zipped. So, I went to create/objects and clicked on import. Then I got this error message:

There was an error importing the object. The file is in an unknown format.

When I went to my PC download folder this time I saw the file there. I clicked on properties. It showed the type of file as: Muvizu Set File (.set). So I don't know why I'm getting the error message.
2013/6/8 21:50:56
Can't find downloaded objects This is the first time I'm using Muvizu. So this might be something simple but I can't figure it out.

When I go to create/objects/online and double click on the object I want, I get the message "Downloading Object" but I don't get a file name or destination folder information. I've downloaded several objects but don't see any of them in the Muvizu objects folder or in my desktop downloads folder. Where are the objects going, and how do I get them to show in Muvizu? Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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