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2013/7/3 16:33:06
importing film to backdrop problems Thanks for the replies,watched tutorials again and realized that my objects are accessed always through the import button and cant be placed with objects that appear in subfoldersi.efurniture,skies or whatever.Would be cool to be able to load own folders of relevant object headings though.
2013/7/3 15:15:15
importing film to backdrop problems thanks for the replies.Im using a Pentium Dualcore CPU at only 2.30Ghz so thats probably what i should have checked from the first install but i didnt since everything was working fine.Graphics card supports pixel and vertex shader 4.0,honestly dont even know what that is,40gb hardrive free space,Windows7 32bit,2gb of RAM.Maybe Im missing something in the suggested tutorials so im off to watch them again but do they tell you specifically which folder within Muvizu to keep the objects in or do you create one and where should it be put along with the Muvizu files.Thanks for the help
2013/7/3 5:35:26
importing film to backdrop problems would the graphics card have anything to do with the out of memory message?ive since read a couple of other posts elsewhere that have confirmed my suspiscions about the occult nature of codecs,seems theres no real answer apart from trying different variants for different computer specs.Thanx for the reply,what about my other question regarding which folder to place my downloaded/self created 3d objects within muvizu,Its really interesting how much of a control freak i must be because Muvizu having no manual is doing my head in.
2013/7/2 15:08:30
importing film to backdrop problems hi everyone i have never posted on any forum before as im usually content to wade thru tutorials and others posts when i encounter a problem.I have read all the previous posts in the relevant topics and watched every muvizu tutorial i could find concerning the best codecs and which programs to use to export the avi files into muvizu but im having no luck and its really getting me down.i have used virtual dub with the Xvid codec and also converted to MJPEG as some others recomended but im still getting an out of memory message even with really small file sizes.The videos Ive tried to import ive kept to under 5 seconds with file sizes down to 1 mb.Is it my computer not being up to the task,i have nothing else open in the muvizu set or even running in the background on my entire computer.Im making random guesses like importing the smaller backdrops and scaling them down before trying to import the film,to no avail.Could someone please help me with some patient and definitive advice considering i have actually already tried everything that has been posted on these forums with no luck.Also when i import an asset and download it to my computer which folder should i be placing it in for it to appear then in the list when a go create object.For example if a create my own objects and place them in the folder will they then appear in the list when i create an object.I have just recently started with muvizu and its really inspirational,fun,and it.One thing of constructive feedback is that the timeline seems glitchy and really limited in functionality i.e basic cut and paste,being able to select more than one action at a time,freedom of movement along the timeline,etc,have developed some work arounds anyway.great program love it
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