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2014/1/9 22:07:13
Muvizu Artist Needed for Commercial Use MrDrWho,

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the tip also! Thanks a bunch.

2014/1/9 18:59:55
Muvizu Artist Needed for Commercial Use Thanks UrbanLamb! I appreciate it!
2014/1/9 18:29:51
Muvizu Artist Needed for Commercial Use Hello,

My name is Tina, I'm with an Austin, TX, based company called OpenAgra Farms. We are launching a new product line, Agra Pet Urban Pet Grass patches for urban dwelling dogs to do their 1's and 2's on. We would like to have a 90 second infomercial done for the website.... but first we would like custom assets made: a female pet owner, a male pet owner, a pup (or multiple dogs), and custom set. We would like these characters and set to be offered in a way to use them for both the muvizu project, as well as for print and web (as logo, brochures, inforgraphic, etc.)

We would like to start right away, so please message me asap with your experience and a quote. I appreciate it! Looking forward to meeting you! Thanks

OpenAgra Farms
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