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2020/2/9 1:44:03
New Story A Sucess Story Of Biryani Wala Very nice work swakd, keep it up!
2020/2/3 13:15:02
Marco Chinicò Journalist and videoproducer Welcome to Muvizu Marco, I hope you find Muvizu helpful and useful for your news, any questions or help just ask!
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edited by clayster2012 on 2020/2/3
2020/1/31 23:42:33
Seeing in the dark - new movie It was superb!
2020/1/28 23:49:29
SECURE CRT: Invalid parameter detected. skuts wrote:
Hi Clayster
Thanks for your reply i put a new card in and all seems to be working ok now.
Thanks for you time

I'm glad to hear everything is working,and glad to help!
2020/1/27 13:06:49
Seeing in the dark - new movie Very good Ikes, I really enjoyed that, keep up the good work Friend!
2020/1/27 12:48:54
SECURE CRT: Invalid parameter detected. Yea I ran into this a long time ago, had to upgrade my computer when I first installed Muvizu, this error has a lot to do with your video card!
2020/1/25 11:00:19
Zu Trek Add
2020/1/22 12:35:37
Predator Young Blood Update trent-ozon wrote:
i just paid for young blood nice job just what i wanted can't wait to see the others thanks.

Hey this Clay from DigiFactor on my other account, I'm glad you liked them, I am working on Jason from Firday the 13Th so keep an eye out!
2019/12/6 16:19:08
To Meshmellow I’m not home to check on my computer, but I just tried to upload a video from my Tablet and still get the same problem!
2019/12/2 23:17:12
To Meshmellow To Meshmellow

For some reason I can't get the image to show in message so I'm doing this here!
I'm sure that this go for everyone , when we try to uplaod a video to the gallery we have this problem!

This is why there are no new videos uploaded to the gallery!
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2019/11/28 14:15:59
The DigiFactor Animation Show: Episode 1

Trying a new thing for my channel, it's a talk and news show that will have news of upcoming films from digifactor and interviews from stars of my films, and it will have interviews of other artists, so this is just a test run to see how many responses it gets so I can determine to keep it for the channel, this is just a real quick interview of Kevin Eddy and Charles Heart, the stars of Star Wars Kevin Eddy Episode 2!
2019/11/22 0:23:32
Teaser This will be the final installment !
2019/11/22 0:21:37
Teaser Teaser to my upcoming video in 2020

2019/11/22 0:19:54
Website with my muvizu movies Hi Ikes, I loved your site man! and your videos, keep up the good work friend!
2019/11/2 9:29:45
Looking for Talented Muvizu Animators/Creators Sorry for the late reply work gots real busy lately, take a look at my sight and see you like my work!
2019/11/1 0:43:20
Rendering Fatal error Hmmm...I had this same problem when I was rendering a scene for my Star Wars video, then I had the same problem when I try loading the set, found out that something got deleted but couldn't figure out what!

To be sure that this is the problem make a new scene of anything like a quick animation, then try rendering it, if you don't get the error and it finish rendering then it's most likely the set you made for the scene and you may have to redo that set, if not then you may have a missing dll and might have to reinstall Muvizu!
2019/10/31 23:39:47
Announcement I made fixes for those and they work!
2019/10/30 22:08:25
How to make a Flying SuperHero with flapping cape Moved to DigiFactor Muvizu Tutorial Topic!
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2019/10/30 22:01:22
Monster Mash! Muvizu-Admin wrote:
Hi, maybe you could try to upload videos in gallery.

I tried to upload a video to the gallery, but keep getting the same error : Sorry, an unexpected error occurred trying to authorise access to your YouTube account.
2019/10/30 14:32:28
Monster Mash! Last time I tried to upload to the gallery it didn’t work, but that was months ago, I’ll try to upload again in the morning, thanks letting me know to try!
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