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2016/11/28 4:12:33
How I make a toon style Army Tank Yes you can use smooth surface,i just never used it the tutorial,was trying to make everything as simple as possible for beginners, but yes you can apply smooth surface, well actually it's smooth edges.
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2016/11/27 21:28:19
How I make a toon style Army Tank Thanks pat, glad you like the tank.
2016/11/27 19:50:29
How I make a toon style Army Tank Farscaper wrote:
Based on his site, it looks like Milkshape is ancient abandonware. It just goes to show that good ideas last even when they are no longer financially viable to maintain or upgrade. Finding the right tool in my unopened toolbox is what vexes or voxelises me.

No it's still supported, I had sent an email to the creator months ago asking if he was dropping milkshape due to rumors,He replied a week later after I had emailed that no he hasn't quit milkshape, it's just that he is so busy with college and work he hasn't time to do anymore updates, but he also told that he is planning to work more on milkshape when he gets the time, but then that was months ago,I'll email him again to see what's going On!
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2016/11/27 16:22:34
How I make a toon style Army Tank Thanks minidiflyth, I been using milkshape for a few years now, at first I was kind of sceptical about it's performance and the final results of project, but when I tried the 30 day trail I was impressed with the final results of the models I made, so I bought the license and been using it every since, i do have 3D studio max from years back when I was in ITT Tech but I never updated it, I just find that milkshape dose what I need it to do and it's easier and quicker, the learning curve of milkshape dose have a catch on quick result, once you learn the features and functions you will be on your way! the tank I made should be in the store tomorrow for free, it will have links to this tutorial in the description.
2016/11/27 3:29:52
How I make a toon style Army Tank here's another tutorial with milkshape on how I made this cartoon style army Tank!

Part 1

Part 2

2016/11/24 20:03:28
A 3d cartoon model truck tutorial I have add Lee Williams to my google account
Clayster is my user name.
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2016/11/24 19:59:55
A 3d cartoon model truck tutorial My middle name is William Lee, my full name is Clayborn Williams Lee Triche, I also use Lee Williams for other accounts. And my family and friend call me Clay for short, that's where I get clayster from.
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2016/11/24 17:45:09
adding voices Wave format is fine, all you have to do is got to the tool bar at the top, click on prepare then go to audio, in the audio prepare box click new, a new audio track will be added to the list, highlight it then click edit and another audio box will appear, in that box click import and import your audio file from wherever you have it saved, once it imported you can play it back and if it sounds ok then click ok, after that select your character and go back to prepare again and select prepare dialogue, in the character tab select the character that you want to speak and then in the Lipsync to tab select the audio you imported and then switch to direct, that should place the audio in the timeline for that character just move the clip to the spot of the timeline to when the character is to speak, hope that helps!
2016/11/24 16:46:46
A 3d cartoon model truck tutorial Your welcome Pat, yes 3D milkshape is the cheapest modeling program out there, and it has a very easy learning curve, after thanksgiving I'll make another tutorial on how to make buildings and houses, and how to texture them and then export them in ASE!
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2016/11/24 15:08:39
A 3d cartoon model truck tutorial Hey everyone sorry I been so so quiet, had a lot going on the past week, anyways I wanted to do a little something for everyone so I came up with this tutorial on how to make this Cartoon style 4x4 truck!

First of all I have never done a tutorial before and didn't know how to approach it, so I said heck with it I'll just record what I do and add some text, anyways this is a four part tutorial because of the video size and I cut it into 4 parts, so I hope you take the time to watch and see how I do things, I decided to use milkshape because of the easy learning curve it has and I wanted to keep it more towards the beginners level, besides its faster to get things done with it, so sit back and enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

2016/11/18 17:16:06
Apologize MrDrWho13 wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
I don't see the problem. These things were only sold second hand. Think of the Muvizu store as a Gumtree for 3d stuff lol!

I've seen these models advertised on the forum many times, and haven't once noticed anything about them not being Clayster's own work.
Some of the apology seems a tad insincere or feigned to me, but I imagine that's simply down to the words he's used to explain himself.
However, it's clear Clayster was a bit naive about the whole situation, and he's taught anyone who reads this thread a valuable lesson.
I hope nobody else makes the same mistakes.

Thanks but it was just the Fantasy packs, anyways lets let this topic die, I'll restart another coming soon topic.
2016/11/18 17:00:15
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 everything sound good pat, I try to come up with something, good luck everyone!
2016/11/18 16:51:55
Apologize Seems Like I have a lot of work to do to brink back the trust, and some new blood to this forum, most of all make muvizu more exiting to everyone and to my friends here!

I need another video....hmmm..something different..something that will show endless limits to the capabilities of what muvizu can really do,maybe a sci-fi with monster effects, need ideas here!

anybody smell rubber burning?
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2016/11/13 20:05:50
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Well I didn't realize that it couldn't move, never use group before until now, it was just an idea I thought would work until I tried it so sorry for the confusion, so your saying use a texture for each part of the truck, I think someone tried that and got a scrambled result and couldn't even move it around, I was going to try it that way but wasn't for sure if the same thing would happen to me, muvizu works differently then all the other stuff I'm used to.
2016/11/13 19:51:24
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store urbanlamb wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
So far the only useful ways was Pat's idea of a backdrop with texture then place it on the building, also applied one on a truck object then grouped it together like so.

you could uvmap the truck and apply two materials to it so people can change the sign. I thought you were modelling this stuff? then you could uvmap the cube to add a layer so people can just add the texture to the truck and then the truck could move.
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I am modeling this stuff! and I didn't use a cube, the box is apart of the truck, my concern is transparent windows.
2016/11/13 19:24:59
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store So far the only useful ways was Pat's idea of a backdrop with texture then place it on the building, also applied one on a truck object then grouped it together like so.

2016/11/13 19:10:43
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Hmm..good ideas,so was any of these methods useful, if so what software did you use pat,any ideas would be of great help!
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2016/11/13 18:00:03
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store ikes wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
I like the way you think, Ikes! Great idea!


I've also made some shapes with UV maps, so you can choose what's easiest to use.
Should also be in the store this week for free.

Those look great ikes and a good idea, but the problem that I have and I'm sure others as well is with importing objects with textures that have transparency, Like the idea of the Kacy's store with the shopping window, one or two has request that idea so I try to accommodate with these ideas, but no matter how many times I have try to make this work the only format to use is fbx when importing, unless you have a fix that works please share I'm open for any ideas that could help, so until there is a solution to this the only option is Pat's idea of using the muvizu 3D alphabet and then group them together, but the second option he had mentioned is the texture option, but then it omits the transparency and does away with the ability to see through the window so that doesn't work, the third idea he had with a backdrop for the name texture would work to, I use when I use that method, there is also another way that could be used which is making the object in ase format without the window and then making the window a separate object in fbx format to obtain it's transparency and then grouping them together.
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2016/11/12 15:58:19
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Well thanks for the idea, just remember one thing after have that surgery,dont forget to eat before take funny pill,it will make you sicker then a dog, but you still forget about the pain.
2016/11/12 8:53:39
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store PatMarrNC wrote:
cool ideas, Clayster! And you develop this stuff so FAST, it makes my head spin!

Thanks Pat,Yea had to have a little surgery, and I have all this time on my hands so doing this from being bored.. Lol!
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