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2013/6/24 23:29:47
Make character bigger?? I have a single character sitting in a chair. He is fairly large in the create screen. When I click to 'make a movie' and play it the character is smaller than in the create screens. I even tried moving him closer to make him bigger in the create screens but the same thing still happens in the end. I have selected 720x480 as my resolution size. I need to stick with this size as that is what the rest of the video will be created at. ANY help on getting him larger in the final make???? THANKS..
2013/6/21 21:50:35
Where to begin?? I just downloaded this software because it looked like it would do what I want but what I want isn't in it.. To clarify, I just got back from vacation and wanted to bring up a map of the USA then have a "plane" take off from my home location and land in Vegas. Then take back off and land in Seatle. The plane would be a Southwest. I downloaded a .jpg but it doesn't work. I also need to get a map of the US. IF I find a .jpg or .gif of the plane and the US how do I convert them to whatever form Muvizu is looking for?? Once converted can I make the plane 'talk'?? Once converted do I need to put it in any special folder or will it do this automatically?? Thought this would add a special touch to the video....Any help of what I need and where to get it would certainly be appreciated. THANKS...
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