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2013/8/10 13:15:03
My first video - a car chase! Hi

This is my first video, the Arena Police Car Chase! It has some problems but overall is good for me

Thanks to MrDrWho13 and Lev_ Dynamite for help. Some of it I found out myself after some trial and error

P.S. I could not use the Lev_ Dynamite's plane technique since I had a few problems getting into the scene. Other than that, it is ok!

2013/7/31 18:24:49
New with two questions Hello again,
Thanks a lot for all of your information. I managed to master the car jumping and now I have just starting animating the airborne plane.
This really helped me!

2013/7/31 15:20:31
New with two questions Hello,

I am brand new to Muvizu and only just started using the software!

My two questions are:
1. How do you get (or create the illusion of) a plane flying in the sky with characters?
2. How do you get an object to jump (like a car jumping over a ramp)?

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