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2014/2/27 17:13:10
Asset Creation I live in Wisconsin (USA) where the authorities mandate removal of all ice fishing shanties today. The ice still measures 4 foot thick on many of the Northern Wisconsin lakes.
2014/2/27 16:20:14
Asset Creation "Direct don't animate." (But only after you have learned 3D creation!) Sending your users to other sites is a sound business decision? I own/use pro versions of Anime Studio, IClone, Crazytalk, etc. Your product is clearly still in a development stage with limited capabilities. The user base you are about to alienate may be your strongest asset. We all know storage has never been cheaper. If your concern is litigation for copyright infringement a simple disclaimer with offer to take down has served others.

As a new user I have donated a few assets. In the current environment I will cease that effort.
2014/2/14 19:24:50
How do you make them play guitar LEFT HANDED? urbanlamb wrote:
no the animations are what they are for right handed guitar you could switch the guitar around but the animations would still have them holding the guitar neck in the right hand and strumming with the left hand .. err i am a lefty and my guitar is left handed *holds up hands* yup strumming with left hand

Lefty guitar strummer here too. Much better on harmonica though.
2014/2/13 17:55:38
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) CeeDav wrote:
  • Having just downloaded and installed the new 1.2 version I am disappointed to find I come up with the same error message as the 1st version "Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E)" even tho I can see the dll file in the folder. What's up?

  • What folder do you refer to... It should be in the Binaries32 or Binaries64 folder (32 or 64 depending on your 32 or 64 bit machine.) which should be within the Muvizu (or Muvizu Play) folder. (Which should be within your 'Program Files' folder.)

    If you locate the file where it should be you might want to check it's 'permissions'. To do so left click on the file generating a pop-up list... select properties... Read-only and Hidden boxes should be unchecked. Hope this helps rather then add to the confusion.
    2014/2/8 23:34:33
    Muvizu in conjuction with other animation products

    The Milwaukee Brewers Baseball team is sponsoring a fan based 'make a commercial' contest. This is my entry made with Muvizu Play+ and AsPro 9.5. The project took three days to complete.

    It's on YouTube as 780p but you have to adjust/'click' the gear looking thingy to get the hi-res version.
    2014/1/25 1:23:30
    Graphic bug (large white streaks) with Play+ The white streaks are an issue for the programmers... the screen refresh needs work.
    If you hold your left mouse button down while moving the camera window you can paint out your entire screen.

    Once you release the mouse button the screen will 'repair' at a rate determined by your computers overall performance capability.
    2014/1/23 19:12:33
    turn around time??? I uploaded an asset yesterday yet do not see it listed today.
    I do not know if there is a problem as I have received no feedback.

    On a prior occasion I inserted a video 4 times trying to get it posted.
    What is the normal delay? Timezone issue?
    2014/1/16 21:25:44
    fbx chatters 'n' skitters Thanks for your gracious reply. It would be helpful to have such info in FAQ's or wiki.
    2014/1/16 17:36:49
    fbx chatters 'n' skitters So... I should set origin to zero?
    2014/1/15 13:27:09
    fbx chatters 'n' skitters If I uncheck 'keep upright' the odd behavior corrects.
    2014/1/15 13:19:30
    fbx chatters 'n' skitters Made a simple coffee mug in fbx format...
    Zipfile includes editable .png texture. They both (.fbx and .png files) should reside in the same directory prior to import.
    The .png file can be replaced with any image so long as...
    a) It is the same size.
    b) It has the same filename.

    After creation in Muvizu if I edit/physics/uncheck 'floats in the air' the mug drops to the 'ground' and then chatters about and skitters like a mad cockroach before finally settling... Is this normal behavior?
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    2014/1/13 21:13:59
    First EVER sale! Was indecisive... tilted me into buy mode today...
    I use Anime Studio Pro for 2D animation. Hope to use this product for animatics/pre-vis/storyboard stuff.

    Now to figure out .fbx import...
    2014/1/5 21:42:06
    9 seconds of old joke... fazz68 wrote:

    I still see nothing... I pasted the url within the two closed brackets...
    I give up... Green Bay Packer football kickoff imminent.
    My YouTube channel is rocky53204 if that helps.
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    2014/1/5 21:34:59
    9 seconds of old joke... fazz68 wrote:

    works ok. what are you linking?
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    I pasted a YouTube link but it does not show up in my message. (Like yours does.)
    2014/1/5 21:15:40
    9 seconds of old joke...
    ?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

    ?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
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    Why does nothing (youtube link) appear here?
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    ??? Now they all appeared at once! Mayhaps I posted before YouTube connected to muvizu site?
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