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2013/7/10 14:23:17
how do I make an object or character disappear? fazz68 wrote:
i dont think you can. an easy solution is make two identical video's, 1 with the character and 1 without. Then when you edit your final video you can make it look like the character has vanished by cutting them together.

at 4 mins 27 secs in is the effect im talking about
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i meant to add, if you use a cross fade transition when editing they will fade out slowly.
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You did a great job, watched that clip a few days ago and it really is a scary thing...well done!
2013/7/9 15:58:29
Hats importing/ In addition to this maybe also open op the actions library to the public and before you guys know it Muvizu stuff will be pooring in every day...

Might be bad but could be good.
2013/7/9 15:42:43
[Request] Tutorial about stop motion in Muvizu Lev_Dynamite wrote:
This is just regular computer animation, not stop-motion, and the joke is an adapted version of the old Abbott & Costella "Who's On First?" sketch:

Lol, in Holland we also have something like that: Hoelang is een Chinees? (Howlong is a Chinese guy? not as funny in English)

Thank you
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2013/7/9 15:39:09
Hats importing/ I wonder if anyone has come up with this.

Are you guys familiar with the game Team Fortress 2? They have a workshop community and it is possible to create an object and then import that. They provide the models so people can play around with it and make sure the hat fits. In short I suggest that when you can choose a hat or an instrument or stuff on other parts of the models that you could choose to import. Therefor make ALL objects and models available to the public.

what do you think?
2013/7/9 15:23:37
How do i personalize superhero costumes? Quick small question, If would open a UV map and split al maps into diffferent files... would that make a difference?
2013/7/9 13:11:49
[Request] Tutorial about stop motion in Muvizu I discovered PigsTV and was blown away by there style... I had noticed some movements in some of theree clips wich I did not know how to do.
I figure it's stop motion. And in some clips it looks as if some stuff is done to the characters that can only be done by remoddeling bits of there body?

To the point: I hhope somebody could make a muvizu tutorial on stop motion.

There is this one clip where one character is hitting a pinata (Spanish)with a stick, the stick moves at different angles (seems impossible with the regular pointing/hitting actions) So I figured they must be altering the camera AND use stop motion...they are insane.

So a tutorial would be nice..

PS: I am from Holland and there is a similar joke in Dutch and this clip actually translates the wordjoke PERFECTLY
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2013/7/4 21:58:05
Hey guys! I am FLABBERGASTED! Oke thanks I understand... Glad to have found this software and I am sure stuff will be added. I'll figure it out
2013/7/4 20:32:51
Hey guys! I am FLABBERGASTED! Hey everybody,

My name is Patrick and I am 27 and live in The Netherlands, any Dutch people!??

I am new to animating to an extend that I havent made anything yet but I love the open source software available in the world. Have you seen Blender? Also very wow...

But this stuff is great and Muvizu is very exciting because it's very easy to get...

Let's have some fun!

Quick question: I want to know if there are more small objects, besides instruments, that a character can work with? How do I do that?
Must be possible right? I saw the superman clip in wich he is acutaly holding a phone. And I have noticed that there is this shooting motion a soldier can do so I would assume I can give a character a machine gun?

I'd love to know.

(As I'm watching what the moguls of muvizu have made the questions are building up (How the??, so excited!)
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