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2017/4/22 19:17:02
Digimania has gone into administration Hello,

This is from an anonymous developer who has kindly decided to reply to the questions on this thread -

"What happened?"

Digimania went into administration on the 18th of April. Everyone was made redundant on that day and sent home. We'd heard a few days before that it was going to happen and we'd managed to remove our personal possessions. We were told not to release the information though, for legal reasons.

"Is everyone okay?"

We've been told we won't be paid for April, we have to claim it back from the government and it will take around 6 to 8 weeks. It also won't be the full amount we're owed. In the meantime, everyone has bills to pay and families to feed.

"Why was nothing announced?"

Sorry. I hate to say it but it's not our job to any more. We're busy panicking about mortgages and rent, and writing CVs. But the real reason is that the administrators were supposed to take care of it and we didn't want to interfere or step on their toes. Obviously that hasn't happened and I can only apologise on their behalf. I don't know their reasons, but I know they've been busy dealing with what they probaby see as more important things, such as looking for buyers and making sure everything is accounted for.

"Can Muvizu still be purchased?"

I believe so, yes. But it's up to you to decide if you want to since there will be no support.

"Can it be activated? Will my existing Muvizu still work?

An activated Muvizu will keep working indefinitely, unless your MAC address changes. It can currently be activated, but I don't know for how long. Assuming there is no buyer, the administrators will sooner or later turn off the server, or at least the company who runs it will realise they're not getting paid and turn it off themselves. At that point, the activation process won't work. So make sure you have it installed on any PCs you're likely to ever need it on. Although the licence says you can only use it on two PCs, it will only stop activating once you've had ten activations.

"What happens to payments from uploaders?"

I don't know. I believe any money flowing into Digimania is ending up in a big pot that will be used to pay the administrators fee, and anything remaining will go towards the people it owes money to.

"What will happen with the forum?"

Unknown, but I suspect it will be turned off in the near future if there is no buyer.

"Will someone buy it and develop it further?"

Again, unknown. I haven't heard anything.

"I'm getting an E2 error since the 8th of April and everyone's ignoring me!"

An E2 error when activating means that Muvizu is having a problem writing the licence file to the hard drive. This can happen on some PCs because Windows is over-protective of certain folders and you need the right permissions. A simple Google brought up this response that will likely fix the problem without any tears:
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2017/4/21 22:43:39
Digimania has gone into administration Yeah, it's true.

I had been asked to hold off on confirming that Digimania has indeed gone into administration until today's working day was over. So in the absence of an official statement, this is as close as it gets -

So what happens now?

Can Muvizu still be purchased?
If so can it be activated?
How long will it work for?
What happens to the payments that uploaders are due from store purchases?
etc., etc.

No one knows yet. Time will tell

My advice is BUY NOTHING! Without an official statement about the present situation nothing is guaranteed to work in my opinion.

But lets stop thinking about Muvizu's demise for a minute and how we personally are affected by the possibility of our favourite toy breaking on us but instead lets take another look at the image above and realise that there are people with families and responsibilities who have lost their jobs this week. Lets show a bit more sympathy to them. None of this is their fault

2017/4/18 17:13:17
Digimania has gone into administration Today is a sad sad day.

Good luck everyone. I hope you find something soon

Thanks for the opportunities, and the memories.

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2016/11/18 18:26:36
Apologize Looks like I've been away so long that folks don't recognise when I'm joking. Ah well back into the shadows I go...

But before I do can I just say that you can make really good toons with only a couple of characters. You don't need loads of different objects. Concentrate on writing quality and then start tooning
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2016/11/18 16:54:17
Apologize I don't see the problem. These things were only sold second hand. Think of the Muvizu store as a Gumtree for 3d stuff lol!
2016/9/3 17:12:42
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers The problem as always if finding the assets and actions for characters. Here's hoping some kind of Muvizu unreal movie maker hybrid can be developed.

Or in other words Muvizu 2!
2016/9/2 10:27:54
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers MuvizuTeam wrote:
Hi All,
Jo here. Thank you for your letter. I will share your comments and the points raised. As previously mentioned - we are a small team but we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

Oh hello Jo!
And what do you do in the land of Muvizu?
2015/12/20 10:36:08
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 Well shucks! Praise indeed for some of my now very old videos. It's good to know they can still raise a smile after all this time despite some of them being pretty rough around the edges.

I was churning them out at a rate of 1 or 2 a week at one point especially when I started making On the News. They were made to demonstrate how quickly Muvizu videos could be created from script to final video.

I haven't uploaded any Muvizu vids for a long long time. I still have my trusty notebook with ideas still to be made however so who knows perhaps one day I'll have more to show.

2015/12/7 14:04:42
Danimal This is terrible news.

Danimal joined the Muvizu community after I introduced him to it on the Anime studio forum.
He had a great talent for Muvizu with his videos and his voice acting skills. As has been mentioned before he was a very helpful collaborator and contributor to the videos of others with great humour and also had a great input on the forum. I'm sure many of his suggestions have helped improve Muvizu from where it was when he first played with it.

But all that aside, he will be leaving a heartbroken family behind. Hopefully time will ease the terrible pain of his passing.

R.I.P. Danimal

Cheers mate, you made a lot of people smile!

Dreeko (Derek McQuiston)
2015/11/22 15:07:08
object could not load ziggy72 wrote:
The timing bar is now counted in frames, not time.

It can be changed to show time instead if you want.
2015/11/21 10:30:18
CONSTRAIN!!! Danimal wrote:
I thought it was always there. Hold shift and an object get locked into a plane of movement. Apparently I was thinking of some other software because it sure doesn't work.

I know, it's so bizarre that it's been overlooked till now!
2015/11/20 18:47:17
CONSTRAIN!!! As we know (those of us with the keyframe pack) when we apply keyframes to an object, all the regular physics goes out the window which means we don't have the "keep object upright" option any more. This can prove annoying when trying to reposition keyframed objects.

Yesterday I tried to do the old 'animate a door swinging open then closed again' trick with keyframes.
The minute I tried to rotate the door round it started leaning backwards towards the floor as well as carrying out the rotation...

..The keyframing didn't work incidentally. The door swung 360 degrees the opposite way I wanted it to, apparently this is a bug that's being fixed but that's another story!

As I sighed at the wonky rotation I thought to myself "Why don't they have a constrain function like other programs where we could just hold down the shift button when moving things and they would move along (or in the case of the door, rotate around) the X,Y or Z axis?"

How much simpler would it be lining up walls or putting them at right angles to each other if we had a constrain function?

Why hasn't this been asked for before? or if it has, why did this feature request disappear into obscurity?

Either way it's been asked for now and I've been told that it has been added to the list.

So if it's been added to the list why am I making a post about it? Well I'd like to hear what you lot think and if you are as gobsmacked as myself for not coming up with it sooner!?

Oh.. the hours I've lost faffing around trying to get things to sit just right in a set which could have been done in a fraction of the time if I'd been able to constrain....Sigh!

Brick Wall

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2015/10/28 11:03:39
leave of absence MrDrWho13 wrote:
Good luck with the house! Maybe you could show us a picture of it when it's done?
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2015/10/21 7:42:39

October 21st 2015 The day when Marty and Doc arrived in the future is here!

Anyone still here who remembers when this was being discussed for a Muvizu collaboration?

2015/10/5 11:03:08
Saw this TV commercial tonight Oh god that was awful!
2015/9/22 8:53:41
I've been trying something new! I'll do my best!
2015/9/21 20:19:36
I've been trying something new! artpen wrote:
Top stuff dreeko! Really nice camera cuts, and your mini movie was like a Terminator scene.

Ill have to have a go, is it a new patch download and is it free? Got an Xbox one


Thanks and yes it's a free patch. It's great for quickly trying out different camera techniques before we finally get camera keyframing into our beloved Muvizu!

2015/9/21 19:59:38
I've been trying something new! Another new toy!

Rockstar editor on the ps4 (it's a feature in grand theft auto 5 which allows the player to direct video clips that you capture)

.. Here's my first try (WARNING! - Contains graphic violence!)
2015/9/11 15:29:16
Dreeko's soft toon shading? Hi,

Thanks for your interest.
Just to confirm -

All lighting in the videos were made in Muvizu. No third party effects used to achieve the look shown.

I had lighting tutorials uploaded previously but for a variety of reasons I took them down. The videos shown are well over two years old. Now that Muvizu has improved further I could make the lighting better again.

Hopefully I'll be able to make more tutorials (and sketches!) for this and other aspects of Muvizu soon.

2015/9/5 12:56:47
20/08/15 reelase feedback Jeezo! That's a bad one!

Isn't it amazing how the more amazing the feature is that they include the greater the amount of bugs that appear!

God help us when keyframing arrives... Eek!

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