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2013/4/10 23:19:48
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Problems, problems.....just goes to show what happens when you put Muvizu in our hands!

We play around with it in the weirdest ways possible for the devs to imagine!

Testing for every eventuality of what we can do with it must be nigh on impossible to predict!

teething troubles, nothing more I'm sure...
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2013/4/10 22:16:06
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback MrDrWho13 wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
You've certainly been putting the hours in for the greater good Urban!

Yeah, why are you not an official tester? Just ask the people at Muvizu and I'm sure they'll put that shiny badge on your profile!

I've a feeling there may be more field testing after this experience!
2013/4/10 22:10:59
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback You've certainly been putting the hours in for the greater good Urban!
2013/4/10 21:58:52
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback urbanlamb wrote:
oh also the cameras are not compatible i forgot that one as well (seemed minor in comparison i guess because its only 4 cameras).

In what way?
2013/4/10 21:39:26
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Thanks. I read that solution in an earlier post, we really shouldn't have to resort to that though.


2013/4/10 21:28:55
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Ok. Now I have tried a few different sets ( a batman one, one from my apple iDea movie and a couple of others) and I can not add any further character actions to any of them using the existing characters....

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2013/4/10 21:16:50
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Hmmn...

Sad to report but..Yeah, I too have a problem with directing characters.

If you open one of the lighting sets from within Muvizu ( I chose "crystal clear") and prepare a few of the character actions (using the already on set character), then try and direct the actions, nothing happens!

The little guy just doesn't move!

No moving = no movies....Eek!

2013/4/10 17:25:12
Watermark: new terms of use Great post Mos6507!
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2013/4/10 16:04:49
Camera control still WASD Alas the camera controls are ( at present!) still the same
There is a mythical "to do" list that exists within the hallowed halls of Muvizu HQ on which sits a myriad of feature requests from the likes of you and I.
Better camera controls, like the ability to hold objects and a facial animation system are ( so we've been told) high on the list. When they will appear depends on many factors - Complexity, usability, commercial viability and how much magic pixie dust is left in the pot to create them.

I believe they will come... Hopefully sooner than we imagine!

2013/4/10 14:01:35
Watermark: new terms of use toonarama wrote:
Dreeko it's just that your post mentioned "mucizu"

Oh right! Never noticed. I'm making all my posts today from my phone and the old eyes ain't what they were!
You may have hit upon an idea for a Muvizu expansion( phnar phnar!) pack though with your adult version. Moderating the movies created with it may prove a headache for the devs mind you lol!
2013/4/10 13:50:42
Watermark: new terms of use Toonerama! No, I don't have an adult version of the software( whatever that is! Sounds a bit saucy to me!) I downloaded the new version the same as everyone else on the day of release.
Piquet! You put forward some interesting pricing alternatives. Hopefully as I said previously there will be a variety of purchasing options available to us over time.

In the meantime I'm going to concentrate on making movies as I did before and will worry about logos and payments etc when Disney or Dreamworks ( im not fussy!)come knocking on my door.

2013/4/10 12:50:32
Watermark: new terms of use This is only the first method of recouping some cash that Mucizu has introduced. I'm sure The powers that be will change, alter and introduce new methods in time to suit the company and their users alike.

Because If the price point is right, people will pay and Muvizu will thrive

If it isn't, they won't and that will be a sad day for both users and developers alike.

2013/4/10 11:14:25
Watermark: new terms of use piquet wrote:
Yes, but the charge is per video, so my original point stands.

You are just waffling.


I have made many videos using Muvizu, all of which are watermarked with the Muvizu logo and all videos have been made free at a resolution of 1280 x 720.

Now, if I still want to continue making videos with Muvizu as I have done happily before with the same quality (and now using more features!) I can still do so without spending a penny!

The only difference now is that today (if I wished to do so!) I can have the watermark removed for a price!
The only way this was possible before was to contact Muvizu yourself and negotiate with them on a case by case basis about the use of your video for commercial use with the logo removed.

Unless Pixar, the BBC or whoever approach me with a commercial proposition about one of my videos then I will have no need to remove the logo and therefore no need to part with any money.

In summary:

Can I still make videos of the same quality for FREE as before ....YES!!
Will I be out of pocket in any way....NO!!

The logo is there if you want to use Muvizu for free

Take it off and you pay.
It really is that simple.

2013/4/9 18:11:26
Batman.. Where are you? There's just no predicting how they will perform on youtube it appears. Best just to enjoy making them and see what happens after....
2013/4/9 18:04:18
Batman.. Where are you? Funny how some vids receive buckets of views where as others just sit quietly in the corner ignored in the main

..Like this one


2013/4/9 17:36:48
Is it ready yet? Worth the wait, I'm sure everyone will agree!
Well done folks! Applause
2013/4/9 13:57:11
Is it ready yet? pitanimations wrote:

I'm obsessed with MUVIZU.

You've come to the right place then!

2013/4/9 12:17:54
Is it ready yet? Marco_D wrote:
I know that you know that I know when the release is going to be Wiggle

True!, I do know that you know that I know that you know when the release will be.

....but what I don't know is if you know that the date you know is the right date to know if you know what I mean,
...you know?

2013/4/9 11:09:48
Is it ready yet? urbanlamb wrote:
"is it done yet"

Hold on!

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2013/4/5 22:44:17
Coming Soon... Very atmospheric Woz. I likey!
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