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2013/3/5 9:40:54
Batman Begins ... with a B! EEFilmz wrote:
Freakin' Hilarious Dreeko! ...and it looks stellar too! Your sets/animations are amazing!
Keep up the Bat work! LMAO

Thanks again! and...Yay! It's now in the Muvizu gallery too!
2013/3/4 14:53:12
Batman Begins ... with a B! KerryK wrote:
Dreeko wrote:

I see it's still to appear in the Muvizu gallery! Funny how some take longer than others to show up.. Ho hum!


It's mostly because you're rubbish Kidding! Mondays are terrible for backlogs. Forgive us?

Forgiven? Always!
Hey you seen this in the news today? http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-21654930
2013/3/4 14:33:08
Batman Begins ... with a B! Kimberley228K wrote:
You can do no wrong! Kneel!

Very kind Kim!
I see it's still to appear in the Muvizu gallery! Funny how some take longer than others to show up.. Ho hum!

2013/3/4 10:51:51
Batman Begins ... with a B! InsaneHamster wrote:
That was awesome!!! I loved it

Thanks Hamster!
2013/3/3 23:54:36
Batman Begins ... with a B! Yup!, it's another Dark Knight parody!

Batman Begins ... with a B!

All comments welcome!

2013/2/27 18:21:03
Batman _Fear of the Bat ziggy72 wrote:
Oh, that looks real atmospheric - looking forward to it Is that Commissioner Gordon

Well spotted Zig!

and thanks!

2013/2/27 15:30:42
Batman _Fear of the Bat Dreeko wrote:
More hero related nonsense coming soon!


Work in progress ...

2013/2/22 10:12:59
Batman _Fear of the Bat More hero related nonsense coming soon!

2013/2/22 10:07:44
PS4 Revealed! PS4 Revealed in Muvizu!

Hope you Enjoy!

All comments welcome


2013/2/20 14:40:32
Batman _Fear of the Bat Thanks Eef, I'll watch the echo in future if it is causing difficulties.

All comments welcome!

2013/2/19 15:35:14
Batman _Fear of the Bat He's back!

Batman _Fear of the Bat

Hope you Enjoy, share and comment etc.

Cheers D
2013/2/18 12:02:28
Automatic object movement between two points Ah, I see you have reached the point where all of us end up.

What you are looking for are waypoints. Alas, Muvizu as yet does not have such a thing.


2013/2/16 19:36:13
object Use the 'ziggymesh' plugin for sketchup. download it here - http://www.rodneyandberty.co.uk/downloads/

It removes practically all the collision from the object.

2013/2/14 10:26:22
Credits moviezoo wrote:

Besides that...great program! (Except I have an animation where only 1 of the characters eyeballs moves...but I guess that's a bug so I'll just wait for a new version. lol).

The eyes you will have selected for the character is probably the "lazy eye" one which only moves one eye. All the rest move both.
2013/2/12 14:28:55
comic book effects/layout Yip, I use vegas for editing all the time. I'd recommend it to anyone!
2013/2/12 12:26:13
dialogue I don't know if anyone has made a tutorial covering the multiple audio tracks feature?

If no one has then I will, as soon as I regain my voice from this infernal cold I'm trying to get rid of.

...Working on a silent movie just now due to lack of voice...grrr!
2013/2/7 20:30:24
Sitting to standing and idle guitar urbanlamb wrote:
I dont know if this breaks the guitar animation but its possible to have a character move from sitting to standing or visa versa in muvizu

you set up the animation menu that pad and there is an option to add the sit and stand default positions to the pad so you can select them during running the animation portion

The guitar animations only work in the standing position and the keyboard and drums animations only work in the seated.

Incidentally, If you wish your character to have a blank expression whilst standing then select keyboard idle and alternatively if you wish them to have a blank expression whilst seated then select the guitar idle.

Very handy little trick that one!
edited by Dreeko on 07/02/2013
2013/2/7 17:18:26
Hide walls WozToons wrote:
wdeprospo wrote:
Hi, Is there any way to hide a wall. If I have a closed room, and I want to work inside the room, is there any way to hide a wall or two while I modify the rooms interior, or manipulate the characters inside the room? wdeprospo

A lot of these little niggles can be avoided by the order in which you do things. A little bit of planning goes a long way. I always leave one wall and the ceiling until I have finished the animations and then add them in. The earlier you can get all the character actions, movements and other fiddly bits down the better. Leave making things look pretty until the end of the process.

Hope this helps


I know what you mean by planning ahead Woz. It is hard to be so disciplined though. I always try and create the set to as near finished as possible before I begin to direct the action where as I really should do the opposite for a number of reasons. If I animated the characters before anything else then my computer wouldn't have to struggle as hard to display the motion correctly where as usually with all the textures and effects to contend with it can be a bit choppy.

If we could animate characters and then load them into different sets along with their respective animation then I probably would go down the animate first route. Or if we had a 'rehearsal' mode where we could hide all objects, effects, lights etc leaving only the charactrs to deal with, then this would also be a great boon to the directing task for those with limited processing power.

2013/2/6 11:36:45
Top 3 improvements Dreeko wrote:
A top 3?...Only three?


Ok, well I would have

1. Facial animation -

Q. When you are watching anything on tv or film which has characters in where are you looking?
A. The faces that's where! You could remove or blank out everything else on screen leaving only the faces and you would still know what was going on 99% of the time just by watching the expressions and hoe they change with what is being said. As I've said from the first day I installed Muvizu "If this program had a facial animation system where the user could prepare expressions for directing along the timeline like character actions (or the more hands on approach style puppetry shown when directing head movements) then I feel the quality of movies created and the popularity of them following would increase substantially.

Did you know all facial expressions can be created from only 6 base emotions?

2. Camera waypoints - I really don't think I have to explain this one!

3. A conversational section within character actions -

As most Movies created are based round conversations, it stands to reason that the amount of conversational character actions should reflect this. In other words- there needs to be a hell of a lot more of them ...and they need to be subtle!!
Casual hand and arm movements. That's all!
The general movements you see every day of your life from others.

Well those are my top 3 for today!
Your turn...
edited by Dreeko on 21/01/2013

Here is a little video showing facial animation workflow from someone at Pixar. Note the difference from the "Acting layout" stage at the 30 second mark on the video from the Facial animation stage shown directly after.

2013/2/6 10:57:56
Azureus Rising Azureus Rising..

I have never really been a user who fell into the "let's have loads of guns in Muvizu!" camp, after watching this though I may have changed my mind.. well for swords at least!

edited by Dreeko on 06/02/2013
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