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2012/8/21 14:25:12
What 10-second Superhero Competition?!? It's only 10 secs Wally. It shouldn't take that long to produce me thinks..
2012/8/17 21:24:01
sitting on bed ekessler wrote:
Thanks for the quick reply. This looks great.
One more question. Any way to make it sit on the edge on the bed?

Deselect the "can be stood" on option of the beds properties then use a floating ground plane to raise the character to the desired height.

If its the bed topper you are referring to then enable the float option in the properties and position as required.
2012/8/17 19:55:35
sitting on bed I believe this is what you need!..
2012/8/15 17:30:22
Issues WIth Character Playing Keyboard Xpander wrote:
First Post!

And it's a weak one... I'm having a strange issue in a music video when I want a charater to perform keyboard (synthesizer) playing actions while standing up. I have the keyboard placed infront of him and prepare the actions, but when it comes time to animate; the keyboard playing actions are greyed out. I cannot select them. However, if I put the character in a sitting position the keyboard playing options come back. I've been able to get the character to play standing up once or twice but it's been by total luck. Is it perhaps the location of the keyboard or something else I'm missing? Thanks in advance Muvizuers!

Hello, good evening and welcome.

I don't know how you managed to get them to play standing up! you may be mistaken as the keyboard actions can only be performed while seated, drums are the same and guitars are the opposite.

2012/8/15 11:41:12
100 animation sites http://www.animationcareerreview.com/articles/top-100-animation-sites-you-need-know

May be of use..
2012/8/15 11:21:41
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box chuckles wrote:
Hi Dreeko. Great lighting tutorials,thank you, but where did you get Batman's Cowl ears? They are not in my version, unless they are very well hidden.

Aha! I wondered who would be the first to ask!

The ears are actually the legs of a pair of rotated glasses!

2012/8/14 22:02:13
me first real muvizu movie Epic effort for a first attempt.
More great things to come from yourself I predict!
2012/8/14 15:15:12
Focus and Blur Movie on MUVIZU Remember focus can also be animated if you require the focus to change between foreground and background.
Or you can output one clip with foreground focus and another with background focus then transition between the two clips in a third party editor eg Sony Vegas.

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2012/8/14 15:10:21
Telephone and Mobile I agree, camera cuts with a well chosen camera angle is the answer here. I used this in ep2 of staundoone (3mins 50secs into the episode if your interested!)

2012/8/8 14:41:58
Dreeko's Tutorials Ah! Explosion lighting! Request noted..

No the directional light can be positioned anywhere. It seems to have the same effect whether you place it on the ground or in the air. All you have to think about is the direction it points and the strength of the brightness you require.
2012/8/7 22:36:42
Get well soon Eef! Hope you escape soon!
2012/8/7 22:35:23
Dreeko's Tutorials Dozer wrote:
thanks for the video...

No probs!
All suggestions for part 3 are more than welcome!
2012/8/7 11:03:01
Dreeko's Tutorials Lighting tutorial part 2

Hope it's of use to someone

2012/8/6 11:54:39
New scene button Sounds awfy footery!
The selective new scene button would be far more friendly!
I stuck one on my screen with blutack but it didn't work!
2012/8/6 10:52:44
can start a new scene in muvizu? If you are trying to create a new scene from the set and characters that you have previously used then you will need to delete all previosly recorded actions and movements. You could also move the start position to the end of your recorded scene and start at the end keeping all of your work intact in the one file.
A new scene feature which would allow you to select which features you would like to be reset would be ideal in this situation.

2012/8/4 11:54:38
Motion artist Just downloaded the app! It was free!!
2012/8/2 20:54:34
Oculus Rift http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1523379957/oculus-rift-step-into-the-game

Who want's one?

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2012/8/2 16:54:01
Dreeko's Tutorials Coming soon

Lighting tutorial part 2!

2012/8/2 16:21:23
Dreeko's Tutorials toonarama wrote:
great tutorial dreeko - really appreciated. It is the additional touches like the use of a second light that make so much difference to the finished look. Thank you

Thanks Toon!

As Mysto has said previously, sometime you just do something and don't think about it (like the second light) So I'm glad that these little things are helpful!

2012/8/2 16:18:46
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. Hello and welcome.

Once you've tasted Muvizu, nothing will be the same again....you have been warned!

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