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2012/6/11 11:43:08
Video Editing Doubtfire Recut good one!

Similar to this old favourite

And of course..

2012/6/8 20:53:13
HI, EVERYBODY... Halorareweeman!
2012/6/8 20:16:28
Unreal Engine 4 - demo showcase ..and here's the walkthrough

2012/6/8 11:28:46
Random requests! Another request!

Set thumbnails!

When I'm sifting through .set files trying to find the right one to load it can be a bit time consuming trying to find the right one. Can we have (just as windows explorer has) a preview thumbnail showing the selected file...Ta!
2012/6/8 11:00:21
New scene button New scene options could be a fantastic feature.

On many many occasions I have had to reuse sets for different scenes or episodes (staundoone, On the News etc.). This usually means that I have to go through all characters and audio and delete all the previous different directions which apply to them. This would be far simpler if a new scene option were available which created a new scene containing the existing created set and characters but deleted all directions - characters, cameras objects etc.

In addition to this, it would be nice if we were presented with a tick box selection of the timeline elements which were about to be deleted from the new scene which would allow the user to deselect the ones that they wished to retain in the new set.

Yip, new scene button with delete options.

A must have I feel!

2012/6/8 10:44:28
Random requests! Am I the only one who regularly right clicks on a character to try and set up the character actions and then realises that the right click is only for changing a characters appearance.

I don't know why I do this so often?
It could be that it feels natural to have all character options available from right clicking.

(hint hint!)

2012/6/5 23:07:18
Flying I do have a few ideas on this.

Stay tuned....

2012/6/5 9:21:47
Random requests! Snapping alignment similar to Sony Vegas would be great yes!
Good one Mysto!
Would be good if it naturally snapped to other timeline elements also.
2012/6/2 16:51:24
Moving limbs MrDrWho13 wrote:

You're starting to go Off Topic

I would say that Jamie was extremely on topic!?
2012/6/1 13:28:02
Moving limbs Jamie wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
Weight slider.....
Size slider....

I've thought about this size and weight slider a fair bit and I just can't see how it'd be a practical solution. The problem I see is with how would these properties affect things.

Ok, it's easy to imagine that a heavy object would mean the characters arms are not as high as they would be with a light object and that a larger object would cause the arms to move further away from the rest of the body to accommodate the larger size.

The weight aspect seems unneeded. If you had a super hero, you'd expect that even the heaviest of objects to be handled effortlessly and a wimp character to struggle with the lightest thing, so over all that'd be covered with the animations chosen for the situation the character is in. If you had to go through each object attach to the character and setup the weight of it for the right effect it might be a bit time consuming and easy to get the wrong results without realising.

There is a size slider already, we call it scale. The problem, I see anyway, is with the technology. How could the animation be changed, on the fly, to suit different sizes? If you have a really massive object (a 1980's mobile phone, for example) you'd still expect the character to place it at it's ear but the animation would need to be adjusted to allow the hand to be further away from the ear to allow space for the phone, which in turn means a different angle on the elbow joint and in turn a different angle on the shoulder joint and possibly a different angle on several other joints to make the holding action look right. A weird situation might be the character holding a large, heavy box over it's head, both hands would need to be used and you wouldn't be able to just have the arms go as low as the weight would suggest, due to the rest of the body below.

Ok, that's all a bit garbled but I think there is a more elegant solution to be found, that gives a simpler interface without causing to much extra things for users to do. I'm not against size or weight sliders if there's a practical plan on how it'd work, but it might be worth one of the animators or devs confirming if that sort of thing is possible with the technology we're using.

I do see how the points that you raise could make the weight slider impractical.

Perhaps a height slider for the arms would be a better solution. That way you could just adjust the arm/s from over head to held out front to down by the side and the object scale slider would still cope with the other aspect of whether it was a small object requiring only one hand or a large one requiring two.

Thanks for your interest on this btw

2012/5/31 20:20:06
Gun_in_Hand barrys wrote:
You're all 100% right to want this and 100% right to keep on our backs.

I promise you guys that we'll tackle the 'holding' issue soon. Really, honestly, I promise.

This thread has kicked off an internal email discussion so we ARE talking about it. We may be able to look at this issue v. soon.


Exciting stuff, Hurrah!
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2012/5/31 14:49:45
Banging my head against a wall... Today is not your day is it Dylly!
2012/5/31 12:48:14
Moving limbs Jamie wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
when we do reach the stage where characters can hold objects,this will allow us to animate without the dreaded greyed out experience which I assume would be the order of the day if we retain the existing pose restricted choices.

Err.. I don't follow what you mean here. Hmm?

All I meant was - A limb freeze (or left and right arm timeline option) would allow us to animate without being prevented from doing so (ie greyed out) due to the chosen animation being unsuitable because the character is holding an object.
Jamie wrote:
Possibly this is actually making things more complex? It's certainly one of the challenges with character and object interactions. How does a character hold all the different things it possibly could and be animated in ways that look good and suitable? On the other hand, maybe that crazyness is the effect someone wants in their movie?

Yes someone may want the flaying around crazyness and if they did then the two arm method of direction would be the prefered choice.
When it comes to the variety of objects and how best to hold them, then a selection of object character poses would have to be created I would imagine from small handheld ones (mobile phone, bag of chips etc) to medium sized (laptop, shopping bags etc) to large ones.

Or perhaps the route to take when it comes to object holding poses would be to create a series of character morph targets which would take into account the size and weight of the object held and have them graduated on two sliders one for weight and another for size.

Weight slider - So at one end of the scale you could have the character with a mobile phone pose (held to the ear). Move the slider for weight towards the heavy end and the character would have to drop his hand further down until his arm is fully extended downwards with shoulder dropped and a slight lean toward the side of the held object

Size slider - Starting again with the phone to the ear pose at the small end of the size scale and moving along to a larger object the character would gradually move his hand downward as if the object had become bigger, possibly palms upward at mid point to accommodate the larger size. Move further along the size scale and the character would bring out his other arm to hold the expanding object. If the weight slider/scale were used as well then obviously the character's pose would morph to show this.

Thoughts on this anyone (take your time Jamie )

2012/5/31 11:24:48
Moving limbs Jamie!
What do you think of the limb freezing idea?
2012/5/31 11:23:15
Banging my head against a wall... Dylly wrote:
Gimmick you are a genius....cured it! Its the quantizer settings needed dropping to 4. Now have perfect Vid from Muvizu!Woo Hoo!

Wow! great!

Sticky required for this I feel!
2012/5/31 11:20:50
Banging my head against a wall... gimmick wrote:
For Muvizu 64 bits & Sony vegas, I use "ffdshow video codec"

MJPEG 1 pass quality
quality 100
min quantizer 2
max quantizer 4
edited by gimmick on 31/05/2012

I too use the above, but as Dylly pointed out, the path to codec nirvana is one fraught with angst.

I've been down that horrible path and somehow managed to get my system back to where it was before I started.
I was not a happy sock puppet at the time. If I had met a codec creator in a dark alley that week, I would still be on the run just now!

My advice is - If you have things working nicely don't change a thing!

Dylly - I feel your pain. I tried, I really did but codecs are not my bag!

..I do images and videos I do!

Hope someone out there can put together a simple solution for this.

2012/5/31 10:56:17
The Queens Jubilee loved it!
2012/5/30 22:11:01
Moving limbs This one has come up before I'm sure. It would be nice to see but it would increase the creation time greatly if we had to do a direction/animation pass for every joint.

I would firstly like to see all upper body animations available for both sitting and standing modes. It's really annoying when you go to animate a character doing something and discover that the action is greyed out because he is sitting down and it is a standing animation!
In addition to this it would be nice if we could have the option to freeze one arm during character direction and freeze the other for a second direction. Yes, I know that another timeline would be required for the additional limb direction but the advantage of this system would be a substantial increase in the variety of animations possible purely from combining the existing ones and also, when we do reach the stage where characters can hold objects,this will allow us to animate without the dreaded greyed out experience which I assume would be the order of the day if we retain the existing pose restricted choices.
...or worse! We CAN use all the animations when they are holding objects and the spear holding character starts moving both arms all over the place cause he's performing a conversation animation.

Thoughts on this anyone?

Edit: There is one extra move I'd like to see.
..head tilt!
The head can move up and down and side to side and everything in between but the ability to tilt the head to one side isn't there!
It's amazing the emotion that can be conveyed from this simple movement.
Yip, head tilt please!

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2012/5/29 15:47:18
Introductions! Afternoon and welcome.

A few questions-

Are you a coder, artist or tester?
Do you eat fish suppers?
What is your favourite day of the week?
How far into the woods can a dog run?
If you could be a colour, would it be purple? and if not why not?

and finally...

Where's my dragon?

2012/5/22 16:49:48
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Marco_D wrote:

Anyway... We manage to reproduce this without the characters standing on objects/backdrops. It is still a very rare occurrence though.

Thankfully I've not had this happen to me... And I've never found myself in pursuit of a goat either incidentally!
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