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2015/6/21 13:52:07
"Lip-sync data could not be processed" Delete all characters and audio tracks! Ouch!
That's a fairly unfortunate fix!

Hopefully this will be addressed properly with a patch
2015/6/4 23:01:44
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? Multiple tracks available for each character hmmn. Yeah that would be an asset.

They have included the ability to record directly into Muvizu so asking for trimming, splitting, and adding additional tracks for the same character at the very least should be expected as a feature request.

The fact that some users are walking away from Muvizu for this reason I'm sure will not escape their attention. However there are a lot of requests to get through and everyone has their own favourite must have feature
I can get round these audio problems in other ways. There are (in my opinion) greater things which Muvizu lacks that neither I or anyone else can achieve without a change to the software and it's these that I would like to see appear first.

2015/6/4 17:42:54
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? Talk and shush vs separate audio tracks for each character...

Both are time consuming and done right should produce the same results

Different strokes for different folks.

2015/5/16 15:32:42
Animations for kids stories I'm now in the blue yeti club! Yay!
2015/5/12 22:00:38
Coming Soon... Nice pics Fazz,

That's one roomy carriage you've got there! Is it the camera angle that makes it look that wide, or is it one major fat ass train? lol!

Backdrops wise, yes my recollection of the shadows is the same - ramp up the illumination and they would disappear. I take it that this is no longer the case?

2015/5/3 21:57:51
Real animation - A world of pain! Hi JS36!

I applaud and marvel at your animated achievements.

If it were not for yourself and those like you then we would not have Muvizu and its ilk and trust me, I am more than grateful to the good folks at Muvizu HQ (past and present!)

I fully intent to reboot my YouTube channel with more original cartoons so the juices will be a flowing I promise

2015/5/3 20:13:59
Real animation - A world of pain! I've recently been dabbling with 2d animation and boy what an absolute pain in the arse it is!

If there are any traditional animators out there reading this then I bow to the superior levels of patience you have! The phrase "Bugger this, life's too short!" comes to mind!

Honestly we Muvizu-ers are spoiled beyond belief with our "direct don't animate" approach to cartoon creation. Why someone doesn't make a 2d version I don't know. It would make a fortune. Iclone and Crazytalk Animator come close and Anime Studio has all the right ingredients but falls short of the true real time direction approach.
Imagine having the ability to select (or create character actions for selection) in the same way as Muvizu or loading them up in a list to trigger at the right moment on the timeline....Sigh!

Yup I'd rather direct than animate any day of the week!

2015/4/2 9:46:07
A wee prezzie Hello folks!

I'm in a sharing mood (Must be a holiday feeling or something!)

So here's a wee Easter treat for yooze! It's an old tutorial I made years ago (the first one I made in fact!). Thought it may help or make someone chuckle. Anyhoo , here it is for a limited time -

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2015/3/11 21:57:23
I've been trying something new! MrDrWho13 wrote:
That looks brilliant!


They look comfy - nice texturing, Mr D!

I hope not! they are intended for politicians arses!

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2015/3/10 20:56:58
I've been trying something new! I been dabbling with object creation again. Here's my latest effort from this afternoon. I started with a sphere and sculpted into the chair shape then textured, exported and imported into Muvizu!

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2015/3/2 22:57:58
Unreal engine 4 free! ukBerty wrote:
Looks like they are now giving away the software but have created a market place.


Far, far too subtle a hint Berty. It needs to be a more sledgehammer over the head, shouted from the rooftops affair.

2015/3/1 12:35:18
The Future of Muvizu revealed! InsaneHamster wrote:
Yes in deed. Good thing
February is a short month.

Yeah but there are 31 days in March. They never said that it would appear at the beginning of the month!
2015/2/14 18:33:13
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Ha ha!

It never fails to deliver! Give a glimmer of hope for a new update and the feature requests start rolling in!

Hopefully the next update will be the first of many to come!

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2015/2/11 17:34:29
The Future of Muvizu revealed! "It's Alive!!!":
2015/2/10 8:56:09
The Future of Muvizu revealed! ukBerty wrote:

I know I've said this for years, but the three steps to making the business model work:-

  • Fix a couple of bugs
  • Create a mechanism for importing actions
  • Open the Muvizu Marketplace.
Then watch the cash roll in........
No amount of £75s are going to move this thing forward.

I'd add a few things to that list but in general you are right, especially about the marketplace. They could have in place a brilliant system which would benefit both users and Digimania alike in revenue terms. A system where users could upload assets for personal storage and sale to other users, free from piracy too if you think about Muvizu's present limitations!

... But also (as you say, we've been saying things like this for years) I'd love to be excited about Muvizu again. Hopefully things will move forward to rejuvenate the software and the general enthusiasm of the user Base.

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2015/2/9 21:33:26
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Why?
2015/2/9 21:13:33
The Future of Muvizu revealed! What ever happened to Muvizu Chap? That was a short lived appointment!

...Anyway, rumour has it that there may be Muvizu related happenings coming our way soon (has anyone defined how long "soon" actually is time-scale wise yet?)


PS: Had to add this - A while ago we were told that we would be receiving regular updates on the state of Muvizu in regards to development, news etc. but if you check the blog the last three entries have been once a quarter! (October, July and April!)

This is quite frankly ..Pish!

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2014/12/7 17:56:51
Character Movement Newbie54 wrote:
.. there are no problems with the program that processes
your credit card for payment.

A bit harsh (but bloody funny! )

2014/11/28 20:43:19
Black Friday Carole wrote:
I guess thinking about it though that if the sale (if that was what I was hinting at) does go well itcould take us closer our real Muvizu Christmas wishes coming in the bizarre commercial world we live in.

Very cryptic..

2014/11/28 20:42:05
Walking Admiral wrote:
I'm having a hard time mastering walking. Suggest a tutorial please.
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One foot in front of the other tends to work for me.

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