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2011/7/22 10:41:05
Character Texture maps Thanks Barry, always helpful to see how things are constructed

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2011/7/21 22:24:32
What are these features? ukBerty wrote:
You will never escape the sky dome.

Sounds like a good tagline for a movie..
2011/7/21 19:00:08
Character Texture maps Yip,
Copying and pasting images from photos into a map is possible and if you are using Photoshop you can also use the cloning tool to extend textures to areas where your photo doesn't reach. You can also use the pattern filter to create a whole new set of textures from photos for use on the character maps

The world's your lobster!

2011/7/21 12:35:57
Character Texture maps CrazyDave wrote:
I've entered this as a bug here at Muvizu.
edited by CrazyDave on 20/07/2011

Cheers Dave
The border workaround seems to do the trick in the meantime though

2011/7/20 16:51:41
Character Texture maps Attention all Muvizu-ers out there who wish to create their textured outfits for characters.

We have a problem..

When you colour/texture a uv map with a new outfit and apply it to your desired character a strange bug occurs.

The teeth change colour to the same colour as you have used on the map!

But fear not!
There is a solution

Just ensure that when you colour the map you DO NOT colour the image all the way to the edges!
Make sure that the image border is clean and untouched by any colour or texture.

I repeat,

Colour out to the edges of the uv image map and the character teeth will change colour

Maintain a colour free border and the character teeth will stay the way you want them.

You have been warned.

Dreeko out.

2011/7/19 19:21:45
Character Texture maps Watch Barry's tutorial and have a go! I'm sure you'll enjoy the process.
2011/7/19 13:29:38
Character Texture maps Danimal wrote:
I don't have a Photobucket account or anything to post images, but so far I've kept it simple and have just been kind of playing around, though it was nice to give Commando Pete the sleeveless undershirt, chest hair, and shoulder tattoo his original design had.

I'm going to be playing with this feature so much I may well forget about no hand accessories to make it look like characters are holding things. Oh wait, I just brought it up. D'OH!

updated my first post with this:

If you want to upload your maps in png format into this thread, then this site hosts them nicely

2011/7/19 12:55:37
Character Texture maps I think we're going to need a place to share all these great outfits that we create. in a way similar to how we share sets, 3d assets etc.

Oh! and I thought it might be nice if they were labelled. considering that they won't be shown when placed on the character.

PS: If you want to upload your maps in png format into this thread, then this site hosts them nicely
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2011/7/17 17:33:47
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Just a little test to show the invisible predator style effect on a Muvizu character using sony vegas.

I created a scene with the character included on a war style set, then I changed the set to green to enable green screenimg and finally rendered out the clip for a third time with the character deleted.

Once I had all my clips ready I followed this tutorial

Looks quite good I think, but I should have masked out the Muvizu logo to eliminate it from the effect. Ho hum



2011/7/13 20:24:11
Facial animation Hi Danimal

These pics show that you can create any expression from six primary expressions

Now if we could have a feature which allows us to select two of these expressions and morph between them using a slider which would give us a third expression,

which in turn could be placed in one of the 9 numberpad locations for a "direct expressions" mode

then in the way that you describe we could merrily click between expressions ( primary, secondary and tertiary ) as we so desired.


The expressions would still be rapidly "switching" as the timeline progresses and not morphing or "sliding"


If we could change the "switching" to "sliding" between two expressions on the timeline we could have gradual smiles, frowns, anger etc. appearing on characters faces over time.

Or would it simply be better to use the "ball in a circle" control that directs the head position around to move the mouth shape from happy to sad (and the variants between) and have a similar separate control for eyebrows left and right with a tick box for movement in unison?

There are many ways in which facial animation could be implemented within Muvizu and the best one (in my opinion) will be the one which maintains the simplicity and expressiveness of the digital puppetry approach that Muvizu has achieved so well, without making the process a chore.


2011/7/13 14:53:40
Interface & Timeline Doesn't Muvizu already have geospacial (muvizu"s arms division) watching that part of the world?

Wouldn't want to be in the way!
2011/7/13 12:19:00
Interface & Timeline pyrrho wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
Thoughts? ( other than bugger off dreeko we"re busy enough!lol!)

No, I think that you've summed it up pretty accurately there :-)

I read your reply but in my head it is somehow translated into
"Thanks Dreeko. Muvizu"s Developement is driven by user feedback. We welcome and value your input. Keep it coming"

No probs, glad to be of help!

2011/7/13 10:18:42
Interface & Timeline Looping playback of sections on the timeline would be nice

On the subject of looping, it would be nice to be able to select a section of character actions from the timeline and be able to loop the sequence continuously for as long as we wish. This would be made even better if we could save these sequences as favourites and be able to apply them to different characters.

Thoughts? ( other than bugger off dreeko we"re busy enough!lol!)

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2011/7/12 20:55:35
The bird that never flew Hi Folks!

Here's a little video I made over a few days for the Glasgow Film Theatre who are running a movie making competition throughout the year.

The themes for the competitions are based on the legendary symbols in the Glasgow Coat of Arms and its famous traditional rhyme

Here's the bird that never flew
Here's the tree that never grew
Here's the bell that never rang
Here's the fish that never swam

For more details, please visit

I decided to upload it again on my channel as it was terribly out of sync on the GFT's

The old Scots verse was written by Josh Wooderson.

Hope you all enjoy


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2011/7/12 17:29:52
Layered Animations while moving I always do the character actions first and then do the character movement because I don't want to chase them around the set giving them actions to perform as they run away from me. I prefer to see them act as they stand facing me.
When it comes to the head and eyes movement, I direct this also before the movement keeping in mind where they will be looking when in motion. If you try directing head and eyes when they are on the move, you may encounter problems when they turn away from you.

But again, the order you do things are a personal choice.

2011/7/11 22:34:36
Layered Animations while moving Yip

Pass 1 actions
pass 2 movement

it does work. trust me i'm a sock puppet
2011/7/11 21:31:09
Layered Animations while moving Wizaerd wrote:
I kno there's been a lot of suggestions, many of which are repeated a great number of times (interactive props, mutiple audio/dialog file, waypoints, etc..) all of which I completely agree with.

But another thing I'd for sure like to see, would be being able to do upper torso, arm, head movements/animations, and dialog at the same time the character is walking.

You can.

Just direct the character actions as normal them direct the character movement and the little fellah will waggle his hands around merrily as he traverses the set.
2011/7/11 17:09:23
Animated TV Set hello folks!

The best codec for me has been motion jpeg, when it comes to displaying video on the television object.


Xvid was far too glitchy


2011/7/1 21:11:34
Easter Eggs I reckon there's a movie to be made from this thread
The killing yolk
the long good fried egg

2011/7/1 14:37:48
Easter Eggs Danimal, Just do what I do and ease the pain with some feature requests. Waypoints are always a good one (as I'm sure crazy save will agree!)

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