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2011/6/28 23:22:20
Meet the Medic source filmmaker,

A way of making original movies using a game engine..what a great idea!

2011/6/24 23:21:30
Meet the Medic Very nice little clip. Wonder what theyused to make it...
2011/6/21 19:10:33
Spartacus Murphy Found a use for the swaying foliage
Check out the horses tail!
2011/6/21 16:11:20
Spartacus Murphy Thanks!
This is the movie that was giving me such headaches audio wise. In fact anything I directed in it from character actions to head movements were unbelievably laggy.

But. Got there in the end!
2011/6/21 15:43:12
Spartacus Murphy Latest video upload folks!
Hope you enjoy!

2011/6/20 21:56:18
After Downloading and installing... oo er missus!

best stop now I feel..
2011/6/20 19:05:34
After Downloading and installing... nudity is never a good thing in the fire service
trust me
2011/6/20 18:04:01
After Downloading and installing... glasgowjim wrote:
Be thankful that none of you resemble an internet weirdo......

I don't resemble an internet weirdo...I AM an internet weirdo
2011/6/20 16:58:33
After Downloading and installing... I see the image censorship police have swooped in to save our fragile minds....too late the damage has been done.

I'll never watch captain caveman in the same way again! OMG
2011/6/20 14:32:26
After Downloading and installing... You folded under questioning pretty swiftly there Em!

All eyes now swivel round to kim.............well?
2011/6/20 14:27:58
After Downloading and installing... Hang on!...How did you come to be in possession of such a lurid image?

Emily I feel you may have some explaining to do...
2011/6/20 14:14:37
After Downloading and installing... Good god Emily
What are you trying to do to us with images like that!
I've just had me lunch!
2011/6/20 13:31:58
After Downloading and installing... Have you returned to the hallowed halls of Muvizu Jim?
Do all roads lead to Muvizu?

2011/6/18 13:16:54
Volumeric lighting Now that the unreal engine has been upgraded, could we have volumetric lighting (light shafts etc) in Muvizu please?

In fact there are a few things which may be nice in this features trailer for the unreal 3 engine

Image based relections is another


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2011/6/17 12:25:43
audio jumping around! Found a stress reliever for my audio woes

I have closed my computer. Walked to the pub and am presently sitting with a cold pint in my hand while posting this message on my phone. Hurrah!

2011/6/17 12:02:32
audio jumping around! If you allow multiple audio tracksfor Muvizu with the ability to assign each one to a character at a time then you won't have to worry about the bug... Yes?


2011/6/17 10:56:45
audio jumping around! I have to totally agree with myself here.

The hours wasted tweaking talk and shush points on the timeline are more than tongue can tell!

The multiple audio tracks feature could remove the task of directing and adjusting dialogue on the timeline entirely, allowing us to focus our energies on other aspects of the muvizu process.

I can picture this feature so clearly that I even have a dreeko tutorial in mind for it!


2011/6/17 10:48:40
The newest Muvizu release... Totally agree

The positioning of the character on the set should not affect how you see them when in edit mode.
2011/6/17 10:17:35
audio jumping around! Hello peeps!

I'm currently trying to create a little movie with a number of different characters who all have to speak at different times.

This is my problem:

I know for a fact that certain characters speak at specific times in the audio and if I play the audio from the start then all is well , but if I try and direct audio by starting just before the character should talk then I find that the audio has jumped out of place as if i had physically moved it along the timeline. I've experienced this in the previous version of Muvizu as well but it wasn't such an issue at the time purely due the the nature of the movies I was working on at the time.

I have had to resort to using audacity alongside muvizu to pin point exactly when the talk and shush points occur.

Hopefully the new UI will incorporate a visual representation of the audio at some point, which would greatly improve matters, or fingers crossed, the highly anticipated individual audio tracks feature!

Oh... How much time would that save us!


edited by Dreeko on 17/06/2011
2011/6/16 12:18:31
The newest Muvizu release... just letting you know that I also have had to change to the 32 bit version due to muvizu slowing down so much that it was becoming near impossible to do what i wanted.
Everything fine now though!

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