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2011/4/22 0:43:17
Life on Muvizu Emily wrote:
Dreeko, do you know anything about this?

From what i can see it looks like the average fireground situation. All firefighters poised for action.Coiled springs so to speak ( or is it burst mattresses ?)
2011/4/21 19:50:23
The Good Guys ( Jeremy Kyle special ) Wonderfully lit, and beautifully directed as always. I bow to you sire!
2011/4/21 14:13:49
Life on Muvizu Emily wrote:
We haven't had any Easter vids yet - how about Jesus versus the Easter Bunny?
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I don't mind taking on one about Jesus, but I'm not messing with the Easter bunny. He may be fluffy on the outside but underneath he's as hard as nails!

2011/4/21 11:37:07
Life on Muvizu Thanks for the great comments folks!

Right back to my little book..What can i do next ...hmmnn..
2011/4/21 0:44:54
Life on Muvizu New video!
Life on Muvizu (parody of the BBC drama - Life on Mars)

Hope it raises a smile on the wee faces of the busy bees at Muvizu HQ ..and beyond!
Don't forget to leave a comment!

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2011/4/20 10:03:55
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Yes well done stonehead!
you must be uber chuffed!! Thumbs Up
2011/4/19 20:58:56
Audio Dialog Again no you cannot have multiple audio tracks yet.


... There are Very real plans for this particular feature for Muvizu, (according to one dev who let it slip on the forum!)

Sit tight, even greater things are just over the horizon!
2011/4/19 20:23:01
Camera and Audio tutorials - a few comments Have a look at the tutorial videos
see link below


These should help


2011/4/19 16:22:22
Camera Path There is no waypoint system yet for cameras, characters or anything yet, nor is there a follow the path feature. There are future plans to look at such options for Muvizu, but the powers that be are nose deep in a pit of unruly code and are presently doing their best to make it all behave before the next release.

The Muvizu update releases after that will be more focused on including new feature requests

...This is the word on the Muvizu street so far from the devs themselves on the forum!

Sit tight, good things a coming!

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2011/4/19 10:02:45
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Looks like I've opened a can of worms here

...or beer

On the subject of copyright do you think this guy has got away with it?..

2011/4/18 19:58:57
Uploaded sets and 3d assets jonbez wrote:

I will upload some bits and bobs soon m8.

Thumbs Up
2011/4/16 19:28:52
Need Help with an animation problem jawright3130 wrote:
While making a test music video I learned that the organ animation movement for the characters does not work. it works in preview put not direct. Any suggestions, or is anyone else having this problems. Yes I am new to Muvizu

Is your character standing? The organ/piano animation works in the seated position not standing. This may be where you are going wrong
Hope this helps

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2011/4/15 19:14:28
Uploaded sets and 3d assets All this talk and still no new uploads
Boo hiss!!!
Maybe we"ll just have to be original!
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2011/4/15 13:04:15
Uploaded sets and 3d assets glasgowjim wrote:

This means that we have the right to download Google warehouse models, modify them and redistribute them as long as it isn't purely for creating a model database - so uploading models that we have used in videos should be fine.

Take it easy,

Good man him
May the upload frenzy begin!!
2011/4/14 18:37:18
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Yes another request from Dreeko I'm afraid, BUT WAIT!...

It's a request directed not at the Muvizu developers! EEK!

But at users like myself!!! EEK! EEK!

What I want is the people that have been uploading sets with custom content included, to upload the custom objects separately into the 3d assets section. There are some great objects hidden away in these sets, like the rocks in Jonbez's bridge set and the picket fence and car in ziggy72's living room set and it would be great to be able to access them without having to load the whole set each time.

What do you think folks? care to share the goods once more?


2011/4/13 13:42:18
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Yes Claire http://cgtextures.com/ is a great site I've used it quite a bit for Muvizu myself.

Thanks for all the positive feed back on my tutorial vids everyone!
I have a list of "how to" videos I plan to do so watch this space for more...
Thanks again folks!

2011/4/13 10:20:03
A tutorial vid from Dreeko KerryK wrote:
toonarama wrote:

If - like me - you don't own photoshop there is an excellent free way toget seamless textures here

Just download the Genetica Viewer and the free texture packs you reqyuire

toonarama always has the best links to free software. heh. you guys should form a superhero animation duo type thing

Most superheroes prefer to work alone these days, as there"s a lot of Lycra envy in the hero community.
Cracking link from toonarama by the way!
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2011/4/12 21:22:47
That Sinking Feeling Hmmn..
If you have them floating and save the set then the solution of pressing play should work. It did for me with the character in my most recent tutorial
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2011/4/12 16:33:09
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Another tutorial folks!

Seamless backgrounds!

Hope it helps someone!

All comments greatly appreciated


2011/4/11 11:46:12
Adv of Nick Danger (Part Two) Great voice talent! Thumbs Up
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