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2011/4/10 19:23:47
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Ziggy!

I was wondering if you could upload your living room set from your latest breakup video. iT looked really good!


2011/4/9 9:01:45
Interface & Timeline A lot of valid points there from Mr B!
I'm right behind this campaign. The hours that I've lost from having to wrestle with objects that have decided to "get jiggy with it" when they get too close to another object are to numerous and sad to mention.
I do remember seeing on the forum recently that object intersecting has a strong chance of being a new feature for us so this should solve a lot of your points
Fingers crossed.

Ukberty... I feel your pain

2011/4/8 22:46:08
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) Yip, i have to echo ziggy
Great set. Before i downloaded I assumed the construction was going to be revealed as a combination of backdrops and then there it was before me and bugger all like i had imagined!!

...So how did you create the rocks? what was the software of choice for them?, talk us through your process please.

we're sitting up straight and listening carefully

Thanks for sharing the set by the way!

Top man!

2011/4/8 22:04:11
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Looks like Friday is upload day! (lets try this every week!)

Jonbez has uploaded a set today (and dang fine it is too) and here's one from me...

....The Burger box.

Sitting in or taking away?


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2011/4/8 9:42:35
PICTURES! This is where it is on my computer

Hope this helps!


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2011/4/6 16:38:47
Garage Band Blues... Emily wrote:


But...where's Robin??

Robin left the hero game. He's a plasterer in Bellshill now.

Just realised that I Have yet to comment on the mysto musical
Great lighting, timing and choice of animations!
I bet you wish you could have animated the crowd as a group though!
Well done

2011/4/6 12:28:14
Garage Band Blues... Neil wrote:
toonarama wrote:
a tutorial perhaps showing how easily things can be amended

I'll get the Dreeko-Signal.

To the Dreekomobile!

2011/4/5 10:02:46
That Sinking Feeling freakmoomin wrote:
yeah ive heard of this bug before but it was quite a while back...I thought it had been fixed as i havnt heard of it for ages...

is this still happening to anybody else?
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Yip, happened to me with episode 2 of Staundoone. The scene near the end where Tony comes home to his wife. The wife would appear to have sunk through the floor every time I opened the scene. It wasn't a major hassle at the time. Probably should have highlighted it on the forum.
2011/4/3 15:41:44
No Shadows 254boy wrote:
When adding a guitar to a character and animating the character, there is no shadow of the guitar.
Why not?

You must be playing some light music
2011/4/1 12:14:28
I am not Michael Caine Fear not Kerry!
It's Up again!Thumbs Up
2011/4/1 10:13:57
I am not Michael Caine I did a search on google it appears that there is a cartoon strip and also a dog food called Michael Canine. So to keep me out of the courts and to allow me to do more of them I've uploaded it again with a slight change for copyright reasons

Thanks for all the previous comments folks!

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2011/3/31 21:07:53
Camera control mcmillan-ra wrote:
I can't say what the final solution will be or when you will be able to use it. However, we'll probably start looking at the control issues once the next release is out.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with, out of all the suggestions that have been chucked at you!
2011/3/31 13:54:41
I am not Michael Caine toonarama wrote:
Another brilliant video Dreeko - Vince will have to start paying you soon!

Pints, pizza and payment too! by jingo! that would be living the dream Cool

toonarama wrote:
Love the way you have created a seamless landscape: another tip/tutorial required?
all the best

A seamless landscape tutorial, hmmnn...Well there was a little trick to it....we'll see...

Maybe next week
2011/3/31 13:10:02
I am not Michael Caine pyrrho wrote:
Quality. Did you do the voices as well?

Fraid so! I'm considering new movies for Sean Canary and Roger Moo so look out..Lol!
2011/3/31 12:57:54
I am not Michael Caine New video posted!

I am not Michael Caine -

A dog decides to have a heart to heart with his owner.

This one Was a real quick production. I had the idea in the car on the way back to the house this morning!

Hope you enjoy



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2011/3/30 16:04:53
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Thanks for all the comments folks!

I've uploaded the wall textures from the tutorial to the 3d assets section for others to use.
Yes I know they are 2d but I couldn't see another suitable place for them so I hope that's ok!

2011/3/30 12:25:33
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Here's a little clip with a tutorial attached..

Hope it helps someone... or at least makes you smile!


2011/3/29 17:05:38
Laptop spec - suitable for running Muvizu perfectl dell xps 17

Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 740QM (1.73 Ghz, 6MB, 4C)
4096MB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM
Video Card
3GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 445M Graphics Card
Hard Drive
640GB (7,200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive
Microsoft Operating System
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English
Optical Devices
8x DVD+/-RW Optical Drive
Wireless Networking
Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1000 (EUR)
Primary Battery
9-cell 90Whr Lithium Ion battery
17.3" HD+ WLED True-Life (1600x900)
awfy good

F.A.F (fast as f***) and the sound is amazing
Very happy with this purchase
Hope this helps!
2011/3/28 16:53:47
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Very nice
It reminds me of a Christmas Beano or Dandy book

Thumbs up!
2011/3/28 12:49:17
Backdrops, textures and scaling Dreeko wrote:
Imagine a simple set
4 Walls (backdrops). 2 long(scaled) and 2 short
Add the same texture to all(patterned wallpaper)

Now what you have is a room with 2 Walls with a perfectly nice wallpaper and the other 2 walls with the same wallpaper but stretched instead of...Tiled!
Now, if we had the option to scale and tile textures on back drops then we could have the 4 walls I have just mentioned all with the same wallpaper at the same size and ratio.
We could take a texture of a section of a fence place it on a backdrop and expand the horizontal scale of the backdrop and voila! A big long fence with lots of sections!
Or take a back drop with a wall and 2 windows, expand vertically and tada! A block of flats!
Lots and lots of applications for this I feel.

Scaling and tiling textures on backdrops.
Another one for the list of things to do.. Take your time...Tuesday will be fine


Any thoughts on this?

I was joking about Tuesday you know!

...Thursday's better for me anyway
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