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2014/10/13 17:07:46
Digimania News PCollimonster wrote:
primaveranz wrote:
I suspect a 100,000 user-base, is really just 100,000 downloads. So I hope they aren't basing any business plans on that figure.

Dear Primaveranz

Thank you for your concern. I can assure you that the 100,000 user-base are actual people and not just the download numbers. Download numbers at present are sitting at around 350,000.

Roughly translated as- "nya nya n nya nya!"

2014/10/13 17:04:44
Digimania News wdeprospo wrote:
As a very satisfied Muvizu user for the past two years, I can only wish Digimania the best of luck and a whopping commercial success with RenderDM.


What a crawler lol!

Having now watched the Renderdm videos and sifted through their support files, it does seem that the future for Muvizu may have a more interesting development to watch than we had previously thought If some of the renderdm features are allowed to tumble downhill and be absorbed into Muvizu.
There seems to be a fair gap between the two products. I wonder if that will be filled with software tool which would compliment both? Namely a character rigging and import tool, a character actions creation tool and possibly a iclone-esc marketplace for users to upload created assets(textures, objects characters, character actions etc) from which revenue could be created for both Digimania and Muvizu content creators alike?

Hmm... Interesting

2014/10/13 16:41:57
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:

Ha ha! Nice, you've even got the triple deck chess thing they use to play!

Like to see how you're going to have them play it mind you!

2014/10/10 11:55:12
Coming Soon... What are you up to Fazz, are you redoing some old episodes or are you creating some new ones?
2014/10/6 10:20:38
Coming Soon... The Importance of Eyebrows:

Multiple character textures with different eyebrow shapes animated (switched) over time.

This technique works but is not ideal if you had clothing textures to contend with too. It would be better if we had an eyebrow plane asset which we could animate separately. I suggested this years ago in the absence of a proper facial animation system but nowt has happened yet.
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2014/10/4 22:54:22
The Old School guy Oh and mrdrwho, we ain't animating here remember, we're directing!
2014/10/4 22:52:48
The Old School guy Very 80s feel to that one. Some of the low angles reminded me of the level 40 I want my mtv video. A lot of great character animation choices and the editing shows that you must have a fair bit of experience. Look forward to seeing more from yourself. Well done!

2014/10/3 21:07:08
DreamWorks competition Ha ha! That's a great viewpoint on the comp Zig.. "Recreate a clip from a high end 3D animated multimillion box office movie using Muvizu to highlight how far apart the two are in quality.

Yip bad move there. Probably best that there were hardly any entries after all lol!

2014/10/3 14:45:57
DreamWorks competition ukBerty wrote:
Dreeko, you can't put an elephant in the room. You can't import characters.

I beg to differ...

The Elephant in the Room:
2014/10/3 10:10:58
DreamWorks competition The elephant in the room..

You are not receiving more than a handful of entries (if you're lucky!) to these things for bigger reasons than the quality of the prizes on offer. (A DVD as a prize is pretty pathetic mind you!)

I would suggest that you abandon the idea of running competitions for the foreseeable future until you somehow manage to rebuild the Muvizu community to where it was (or beyond) previously.

It's actually become embarrassing to watch these competitions wither. They are not creating either an interest in Muvizu or enough quality videos for you to use later for promotional purposes (which is what the competitions are really about let's be honest! )

Digimania, You already know what to do, you really don't need us to tell you.

The question is - Will you reapply resources to further develop Muvizu or not?..

.. If you do, people will show an interest in Muvizu once more, the community will grow and you can have more competitions with as many prize bargain bin dvds as you like.

If you don't it will die, but as I say - it's up to you so what's it to be. .

Muvizu lives or Muvizu dies?

2014/9/26 11:13:55
Can Muvizu fill the gap? Interesting,

I'm aware of the asset/program separation of iclone and the financial implications and have also thought that for muvizu to have a future something similar should be put in place but not something which makes it simply a poor copy of iclone as this would just allow for more direct comparisons between the two and I'm afraid Muvizu can't compete when stacked against iclone.

It needs to set itself apart from the crowd. So what could they add which the competition hasn't?
What could they put in that would allow us to say "Yes, iclone can do all that but it can't do this!"

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2014/9/26 9:34:08
Can Muvizu fill the gap? As Iclone becomes more user friendly and cheekily borrows (so it seems) a certain way of animating and character building from Muvizu, (see video below) what can Digimania do to make Muvizu stand out as a realistic option against Iclone's ever growing envious list of features?

iClone Plug-in - Avatar Toolkit 2 & Toon Maker:

I personally have a number of ideas to chuck at it but I'd like to hear what the forum thinks (I'd like to hear what muvizu HQ thinks too incidentally but I doubt they'll say much)

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2014/9/11 23:45:18
New Forum Could be an idea,

The constantly overflowing traffic of this forum is so hard to keep up with, post after post, thread after thread...

..A new place to dilute the relentless flow of information, videos and links etc could just be what is needed.

2014/9/6 7:21:13
Need A US Male Voice for a few (important!) lines Btw

Your audio is waiting in your email too!

2014/9/5 22:54:30
Need A US Male Voice for a few (important!) lines ziggy72 wrote:
Okay, we got the always excellent Dreeko as Dugger, but still an option for the 2 Guard lines. Two lines, c'mon!

Glad to be of assistance Zig.
Have you tried Danimal? He was handy with voices as I remember as he was actually American!

2014/9/3 19:20:21
The Future of Muvizu revealed! muvizu_chap wrote:
Hi guys, unfortunately there is no new news on this and the situation remains the same. Our development team have been busy working on Render Digimania which is now released but their work on this will continue for a while yet. Once this is complete we hope that we can spend some time on improving Muvizu but nothing is set in stone just yet. We will be sure to infor you guys of any developments in this area.

So muvizu is neither dead or alive.. Muvizu zombie?

Seriously though, thanks for the reply. Any information after all this time is better than nothing even if it is just a shoulder shrugging “dunno“

Please don't forget that the users really appreciate even the little scraps of news. We don't ask for much... (Just the odd Dragon now and again )

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2014/8/29 13:23:26
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Yes, here it is! The plans for future versions of Muvizu laid bare!

What new features will be included, when we can expect it, what goodies will be in expansion packs to come and how much it will all cost!!...

.. Read the following posts in this thread by the Muvizu staff for more information.

2014/6/10 11:41:30
New mod! So, Muvizu HQ has an official freelance moderator on the books!


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2014/5/22 16:22:14
Just One Piece Competition Carole wrote:

Know you're all in suspenders...

Well it is the weekend..
2014/5/19 22:37:53
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP I can't disagree or argue against any of the points here I'm afraid.

Muvizu previously used to be updated regularly which kept the users who had pushed it's boundaries hooked with the optimistic belief that "this time they will have put that feature in" or "corrected that problem" we used to gather in a crowd waiting for the white smoke to rise from the chimney signifying the release of a new version...

Unfortunately it looks like the regular faces in the crowds are becoming less and less as the wait turns to doubt as to whether the Muvizu smoke will ever rise again.

Muvizu HQ,
The users need actual info about what the plan for Muvizu is.
Give us a sign!

Throw the dog a bone for God's sake!

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