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2010/9/22 12:12:07
Preview when you play it you can watch the camera view

isnt that a preview?
2010/9/21 17:49:44
3D love the round tuit link

I know someone whos gonna get one of them!
2010/9/20 17:10:33
the importance of hands Neil wrote:

Psst, Barry...

Just make some gibberish about textures and he'll leave you alone.

I heard that timeline dodger!
2010/9/20 16:18:14
the importance of hands toonarama wrote:
Could this be done in a simplistic way by having
a clench fist/open hand slider plus a hand rotator (like the head rotator) OR
having a distinct set of hand animations: clench fist, open hand, point etc



exactly what I was about to post!

slider, tick boxes, separate hand poses or a combination

must be a method in there somewhere

Dont you just love it when people ask for things without knowing exactly whats involved.....Once you've conquered all these things i would like a time machine and a pair of hover trousers to get to my work
if its not too much trouble!
2010/9/20 12:59:03
the importance of hands Emily wrote:
I guess the problem is just how it's implemented and how we get all these different suggestions working together in a system that's simple enough to use, yet specific enough to provide all the desired control.

Answers on a postcard please...

the way the head is animated with the ball in the head shape that is moved around

Couldnt we do the same for each hand? (ball in hand shape)

sorry i didnt have a postcard handy
2010/9/20 12:54:37
Visible audio Another prompt and thorough reply, now we know!

2010/9/20 12:45:44
Body Movements Thats already a feature !

just record yourself as you described and post the video on the forum and the muvizu cam encoders will run the mocap facility on it for you and send the required code for your movie to your inbox

go on do it!

2010/9/20 12:22:24
Visible audio Emily wrote:
Yeah I suggested that a while ago, there was some reason why it couldn't be done...it would be really handy to have this.

I would have thought it would have been on the table from the start to be honest since all animation has to be aligned with the audio correctly and this is the perfect way of ensuring that it does

Maybe a panel which could be expanded from the bottom of the timeline which would show a generated jpeg of the audio and could be scaled in parallel to the timeline would be a solution rather than trying to encode it directly into the makeup of the timeline

a scalable generated image?

yes? ....still no?
2010/9/20 11:56:23
Visible audio I feel If the audio waveform was visible on the timeline then we would have a more acurate way of placing our chosen animations on it

you know the kind of thing .
What do you think?

2010/9/19 23:43:25
Simon Evans 3 men joke Here he is again with another beauty


2010/9/17 16:09:30
Vertigo Emily wrote:
Please say Fireman!

2010/9/17 14:05:12
Vertigo glasgowjim wrote:
Please say Superman

Well, when the call comes I (and others) do run and change into a different outfit and people are usually pleased to see us (unless it's Guy Fawkes night).....

no tights or capes involved though!
2010/9/17 14:00:13
New character? freakmoomin wrote:
Spot on dreeko

we are looking into ways of head replacements just now infact (although as usual there are 101 issues with it from a tech point of view)

im really hoping we can find a way to do this as it will allow for a lot of expansion with a lot less work......


sounds like our wishes will be granted again...good stuff!
2010/9/17 10:59:44
Vertigo imagine he gets into trouble and then needs rescued by someone

yes you can fill in the gaps..................guess whos gonna be sent!
2010/9/17 10:39:32
Vertigo I could actually end up at heights like this with my job. so for me its more real than i care to think about at the moment thank you

and no i wont be getting paid bucket loads of cash!
2010/9/16 16:40:32
New character? A lot of cartoon characters in a series (peanuts, southpark etc) all have similar proportions to the their framework as the other characters in their respective shows. When we watch these cartoons we are generally focused on the faces and this is where most of the customisation has to come from i believe.

Surely giving us the ability to change head shapes, move and resize eyes,noses mouths etc wouldn't have that great an impact on the animations as far as cut throughs etc are concerned, so long as you put an upper and lower limit on the moving and resizing

when i watch a cartoon i'm looking at the expressions and emotions conveyed on the character , not how big its arse is
2010/9/16 12:01:20
Steve hughes ipart 2 Part 2 of Austrailian comedian Steve hughes in Muvizu form
my third movie!. played about with the timeline feature a bit this time..dont know if it is any better than the last one because of it, anyway here it is

let me know if you want a part 3!

2010/9/16 11:48:43
the importance of hands With all the talk on the forum of a need for more subtle animations and more control over facial features be it full expressions or just the eyebrows, a feature that should not be overlooked when it comes to expression are the hands. So much can be shown emotionally just by merely changing hand postures and positions throughout an animation.this clip from creature comforts below shows exactly that

and there are some great use of eyebrow movements too (hint hint)
2010/9/16 11:35:23
Steve hughes part ! I just rattled it out on the fly , pass after pass .
But part two has been done with stopping and starting on the timeline

its bloody murder with this laggy laptop though, Violin hope santas good to me with a new one. If not then im going to have to storm muvizu towers to use your puters!....im only in east kilbride you know so watch out!! Angry Mob
2010/9/16 8:23:55
Steve hughes part ! Austrailian comedian Steve hughes in Muvizu form
my second movie!

mental note - I'll need to start animating in stages rather than in one go for each pass
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