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2014/4/16 19:39:32
Time for Unreal engine 4 for Muvizu?

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2014/4/10 16:29:04
Just One Piece Competition Carole wrote:

We positively live to amuse. Boogy Dance

As do I Carole, as do I..

2014/4/10 13:16:06
Just One Piece Competition
2014/4/10 12:52:15
Asset Creation Yeah, does seem like a no brainer.

Muvizu really does need to evolve this way.

Imagine being able to create objects, animations for characters, camera movement packs and dare I say it.. Custom characters for muvizu and not only have the ability to share them with others but to make some cash on them for both Muvizu and yourself!
The characters actions grid and the nature of selecting animations for it cries out for such a system.

Iclone and alike cannot be making heaps of money on the sale of the software alone, I believe like ukBerty that the assets marketplace is where the continual revenue streams from.

2014/4/10 11:09:44
Asset Creation Any more movement on the plans for a replacement to the assets page which suffered a premature death a while ago?

I saw this today..

Player Studio user earns more than $100,000 creating in-game items http://www.polygon.com/2014/4/10/5600354/player-studio-user-earns-more-than-100000-creating-in-game-items

Seems like supporting user created content for your products can be quite lucrative...

2014/4/9 22:30:47
Just One Piece Competition Nice idea... Although I do find it quite amusing that Digimania has created a competition about picking up stuff when doing so with the Muvizu software alone is impossible!

What other long awaited non existent feature will be highlighted in the next competition I wonder lol!!

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2014/3/11 9:12:15
Usain Bolt Pose Shanty wrote:
Yes, that is the one!
BUT...is it possible to assign that character action to a non hero character?

2014/3/9 11:45:12

I wanted to have a go at making a movie trailer style clip and the resulting video was used to promote the heroes and villains pack

The only effect added external to Muvizu was the increased playback speed as Urban said. Everything else was pure muvizu.

I did an interview for 3Dworld magazine online a couple of years ago explaining how the scene you're asking of was created. I don't know if the link is still active but have a look and you may be lucky.

2014/3/1 22:47:54
Asset Creation octo-crab wrote:
Was that a good-bye post, Dreeko?

2014/2/20 16:57:38
classic kirk fights. number 1 Very nice Fazz,

The lighting and colour saturation was perfect for an old trek show and your modelling and textures were top notch also.

You may have inspired me to make more of these Muvizu things!

Best thing on the site since Ziggy72's Star Wars canteen vid! Excellent stuff indeed!

2013/12/21 15:05:26
Coming Soon... That is one freaky looking creation!
Can't wait to see how this is worked into a story line!
2013/12/19 18:26:37
Necklaces etc I have already experimented with this. It works but does give a more wooden look to the character..Try it and you'll see what I mean

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2013/12/10 19:39:28
Dreeko's extra bits ziggy72 wrote:
Just...yes! I want a pair! with eyes!! Big Grin

OK,I'll add eyes too.
2013/12/10 12:25:36
Dreeko's extra bits Christmas slippers!

2013/12/6 14:59:24
Dreeko's extra bits I seem to have got myself into a state where all I'm doing muvizu wise is making objects for importing and zero actual movie making!
2013/12/6 14:55:58
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline Neil wrote:
Imma just leave this here...

Revealed at last!.. Muvizu Pro!
2013/12/5 18:55:48
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline MrDrWho13 wrote:

And the award for the strangest way of wording things goes to Dreeko.
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Another trophy for my cabinet!
2013/12/5 18:28:16
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline urbanlamb wrote:
... and its not good to remove what is unique to make the software into something else
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I agree totally and hope that the program moves in they way that we wish but be aware - the direction Muvizu takes will be guided by where they (the HQ upper echelon) believe the money is, so if they started off making a fish only to realise later that there is more money to be made from bicycles....

....trust me, they will stick some wheels on it.

Bit Wonky..
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2013/12/5 9:22:36
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline ukBerty wrote:
Joe is 100% right right. I only use the direct mode to get the things on the timeline with the shortest length possible. I can then accurately adjust them on the timeline to get what I want. Cutting out direct mode completely would speed things up.

NO NO nonny no! Don't you dare cut out the direct mode completely! The whole real time puppetry style approach is what makes Muvizu what it is!
By all means ADD a drag and drop feature but it would make no sense to replace what is there.
Additional features are better than "instead of"
it's all about having options.

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2013/12/4 10:48:43
The Importance of Eyebrows primaveranz wrote:
I just watched the real thing for the first time and no kidding, your animated version is much funnier!

Thanks, I really must make another video in the near future. I've just realised that I haven't made a proper one since around April / May-ish!
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