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2013/7/10 16:22:43
figure actions / movement MrDrWho13 wrote:
Hi, I have answers to both questions!

1. (Random movements) - You can choose any action from the hundreds of different actions in the list:
Step 1: Go to prepare-->actions and click on any action box.
Step 2: Use the sub-menus on the left side of the little window that pops up to select the theme of your action, then choose any action from the right side of it.

2. You can set idle modes with the drop down at the bottom of the actions window.

3. To get them all doing the same action at once, animate actions then position the actions in the same place on the timeline.

If you have any more questions, make sure you've checked the tutorials first, they are essential for beginners.


ahhh nice. and thanks for the very swift response. will do .
2013/7/10 15:36:05
figure actions / movement Hi there

i just recently downloaded movizu and am amazed on how easy the first steps are. now to my question:

is it possible to coordinate persons movemements or are they random all the time ?

for exampkle dance moves. they change whenever i click on a person to dance, but I want all of them to dance the same way. how do i do that ?

also, is there a way to choose one specific way a person behaves ? for example military movement. is it possible to make them a bunch of soldiers salute all the same time and on "command" ?

thanks in advance
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