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2013/7/10 6:32:29
Watermark: new terms of use I used to use Muvizu in the past and then stopped when there was so much confusion about the cost if you use it for business. I was using Muvizu for business but not making any money from it. It was more videos promoting a free blogging service I have for people in my industry. So, it is commercial use, but I don't make anything. I want an annual flat-fee of like $49 to remove watermark. This could be an annual fee each year, with maybe a one-time $99 fee for like 5 years. This paying per video does not work for me and many of the people I know. I just came back into Muvizu after a while away, so I don't know the current cost.

Why can't you make money the same way that everyone else on the internet does, by charging others for advertising and keeping the product and commercial use free. I would gladly have to look at a fewer banner ads each time I logged in or have a few emails with products that Muvizu is recommending.

I like the product and I think it has value. I just won't pay a per video fee, so I haven't used Muvizu in a long time.
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