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2013/8/22 23:31:11
sets wont load, cameras 3 and 4 only Thanks for your replies. Pity about the Classroom set as it would have been perfect. I'll wait for the next release which will hopefully fix these issues. In the meantime I will have to create a classroom from scratch. It will take me a while but I may learn a thing or two in the process
2013/8/22 0:09:28
sets wont load, cameras 3 and 4 only Hi,

I found this post when I came across the same error loading a SET from your Online "Get Assets" area. Exactly the same issue as the other posters.

IE when almost finished loading an error popped up - There was an error loading the scene. The feature you are trying to use is not licenced for this version of Muvizu

The set was the "School_classroom_DT1.set" and is available when I click on the (Online) option for a NEW SCENE.

I just downloaded the Movizu program yesterday so I assume that I have the latest version with all the patches.

My version is MZASS-v1.1 - build 2013.07.29.01R (64-bit)

Is there a separate patch that I need to download to fix this issue or is the fix still on-going.

Not urgent but I plan to create an animation using a classroom set and this one is perfect for my project

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