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2013/7/27 16:59:22
cannot find muvizu.dll on mac At last success. I and then reinstalled .net 4.0 I then checked all the latest updates. Still no luck running any programs wanting .net . Then I installed .net 3.5 and everthing works ok not bad for a 200 pound intel imac.
Thanks for your thoughts and help. Now what was I going to do aweek ago?

Thanks for all your help
2013/7/23 20:46:05
cannot find muvizu.dll on mac I noticed there was a problem with the smbus so I installed the drivers off the snowleopard bootcamp nvideo directory. That solved the smbus problem. Besides muvizu not running, xp seems to be working well on the imac.

I downloaded the exe from the link, I probably gave up too soon when doing a search as it took several minutes to load the link location that you supplied above.
Installed the software on the imac but it couldn't find anything suitable.

Looking on the apple website I found a bootdisk update 2.1 which I am currently downloading the second time as the first time it said the download was corrupt.

Might try and download the complete muvizu.
Is there anyway of confirming that the muvizu download has not been corrupted?

Living in the depths of wales I only get a 2mb download speed.

2013/7/22 16:58:03
cannot find muvizu.dll on mac I tried the link but there didn't seem to be any drivers there.
I installed the latest drivers from the snow leopard disk.
Maybe the imac is just too old at 2006, it is a long time in the mac world.

2013/7/22 13:37:44
cannot find muvizu.dll on mac I installed xp on a imac with intel dual processor.
My experience
The first problem was that xp on install didn't seem to find the standard imac keyboard so i plugged in a pc usb keyboard and all was fine.
Eventually I managed to get xp working and after installing all the snow leopard drivers everything seemed to working on the imac. Can now boot into mac or xp no problems.

I then trued installing the 32bit version of muvizu seemed to have problems finding the .net version after solving these problems I then installed service pack 3 as the microsoft installer complained plus various other problems.
I uninstalled muvizu including doing a check in regedit for any signs of muvizu.
I rebooted and installed the 32bit version which I had down loaded on a pc and transferred on a usb stick.

It installed ok without any error messages and I checked the tick boxes to install the directx and c++ libraies. I ticked all three check boxes.
After installing it still complained that it couldn't find muvizu.dll when trying to launch.
Q1 any ideas.
When movizu installes it seems to check that the install is correct. Is this using a check sum to confirm the download or just the the files exist.
It might be handy with such a large file that there was a way off running a checksum on it to confirm that the file wan't corrupted.
Will try and install the same package on a laptop with xp installed.

The process of installing the xp was interesting although it took me several hours to get xp installed properly.
Might be nice to know the basic graphics spec that it required on an imac. Mine is a intel 2 duo with a radeon x1600 spec card,
2012/1/15 17:17:13
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Is there any alternative to downloading.Muvizu
eg a DVD with all the tutorials
I could send you a usb stick with some money for the postage.

At the present moment it is going to take 17 hours to download the latest release, chance of corruption high. I live in the middle of nowhere in West Wales. I suppose I could go and sit in the pub for several hours as they have a faster download but that is 14 miles away and I do not think I can convince the wife that I am working in the pub for the half the day. I work from home. I do all my shopping from home and the majority of all my goods are delivered by the postman.

I would be quite happy to pay for a copy.

I know that it is a pain to press x number of DVD's but in this day and age you would think that there was a way that you could select a list of files and have them published then and there and dispatched by post. If anyone knows of a service then I would be very interested.
2011/8/12 14:19:38
Which video editing software do you use? I use premiere elements vs 6 which I find does everthing I need.
As with most software I find it takes a few tries to get your head around how to use it. I was a bit stuck with Premiere elements but then a friend of mine showed me how to use it and I have been fine since then. I often read bad reviews of premiere elements but as long as you save regularly it works fine. I have just bought an old copy of adobe effects 5.5 for £20 which although being old does most of the things I am looking to do.
2010/12/8 11:20:46
After Effects Hi there does anyone know where I can buy a secondhand copy of after effects 7 as I do not have the money to purhase a new copy my download of cs4 has now timed out. Most of what I want to do is covered in ae7. Keep on looking on Ebay but no joy.I do not want to download an illegal version. Anyone any ideas.
2010/11/3 1:45:42
Keep in time You could always change the speed of the music. Albeton live allows you to change the speed without changing the pitch. Do not know of any free software that does it, but you can download a thirty day trial of Albeton live.

What bpm are the dance sections set to.
2010/11/3 1:35:08
Particle Effects Looks like fun.
Status Quo one of the best live bands in the seventy's.
Saw them at reading in 1972.
2010/11/1 11:52:24
Community - Anyone in west wales area. I am based in West Wales -Llandeilo -Carmarthen anyone interested in the area interested in getting together and working on a project .
2010/11/1 11:40:55
Particle Effects Any chance of adding some more particle effects. eg explosions , smoke , light glow effects.
Motion Tracking, Physics engine. Not a lot but hey no harm in asking

Having downloaded the udk development kit, I cannot but admire the work you have done to create Muvizu.
Looking forward to the next release.
2010/9/22 13:49:21
Using Muvizu generated content Hi there
Can I use content that I have generated with muvizu on my own commercial website. All content used within the movie will be owned by me.
eg creating an avatar to promote my website work.
2010/9/20 13:37:22
the importance of hands In response to creature conforts also promoted by aardman darkside
A town called panic with plastic characters - no hand movements or facials

Makes me laugh anyway
2010/9/20 12:26:49
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube Emily wrote:
Awesome!! How do they do it?!?!?

It is a piece of flash which convinces you that you are watching a video but the video is within a flash movie.
this should make it clear

The above link is just embedded into the youtube page
2010/9/20 11:46:25
Hand Movement Options Since you only really need to see the part you are filming would it be possible to add greater detail to hand movements by using a hand object - Maybe completely off the wall but when stop motion filming you may have several different models to allow you to film in different modes. When filming lifting a cup you only need to see the arm/hand , face and the cup not the full character.
2010/9/19 12:37:03
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube Great stuff.
Fart smoke and talk , with fart being the best.
2010/9/14 15:42:57
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? I think violence has a place in animation. Often extreme violence as in Tom and Jerry. Dropping large weights on characters and getting squashed or blowing characters up as in Bugs Bunny or characters being hit over the head with hammers and the like with their teeth falling out afterwards. Cartoon guns as in Roger Rabbit where the bullets are animated characters.. It depends on the context and the timing - timing being everthing.
The speed and exaggeration is at the heart of animation. As in running over the cliff and then the delay before dropping down at great speed.

One book I would recommend would be The Animator's Survival Kit- A Manual of Methods, Principles and Formulas for Classical, Computer, Games, Stop Motion and Internet Animators -Richard Williams. He has also released a 16 DVD course which I couldn't afford but might be avaiable at universities or colleges.
Another good book is The illusion of LifeBig Grinisney Animation by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas.

I much prefer cartoons to the real life imagery of human characters. As we are so sensitive to any real life looking characters whereas we can suspend belief when it is an imaginary blob or character with similar proportions to a human.
2010/9/13 15:09:13
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? How about some guns being drawn and shooting. Kneeling, standing, lying down with pistol, rifle, laser blaster, chansaw etc or selectable object. Being shot action - as bullets hit

Ease in and ease out and a timeline control or slider on the speed of the action.
Eye brow movement control and animation similar to eyes.
Maybe a way of combining facial smaller actions into a sequence that could be the added as an named Raise left eye brow: look left: look right:Raise Right eyebrow.
2010/9/8 12:01:13
graphics card Having upgaded my graphics card, the machine tends to close down after a while. Having looked at the specs of the card it needs a 400w power supply . I replaced the new graphics card with original card and all works well except I can hardly move about the sets. The graphics card seems to make a huge difference to speed of use. So I have now orderd a new power supply unit for my desktop and hopefully it should arrive today. Will take about 15 mins to change the power supply unit. Since I built the machine myself it isn't a problem. I am an old Geek , which has its advantages sometimes.
2010/9/4 19:29:32
Jacob Patterboon The 6250 is a replacement so I should think that is fine. It has a mini jack and a standrd jack adapter. So the mini jack plugs straight into my laptop mic input. It also comes with a short lead and a long lead I used it to record my video at with the mic on the camera and the camera on the oher side of the room. Is is a directional mic so that you can put it on a desk mike stand or standard mike stand and point it at where the voice over source is and record ok. Works for me.
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